Why Arizona still draws Californians in 2020

Considering leaving California for good and moving to another state? Where do Californians move and why they move? One of the places to consider as your future home might be Arizona. But, why Arizona still draws Californians, and what are the benefits of this relocation? How to move, where to move, what to expect from moving there? A lot of questions need to be answered if you want to move from state to state.

Reasons why Arizona still draws Californians

What are the benefits of moving to Arizona and what this famous state has to offer to residents? If you are considering moving from California to Arizona during the coronavirus outbreak, be fully prepared and explore some of the most important facts about AZ.

Desert in Arizona.
Arizona is a beautiful state with many different things to offer

Costs of living are lower

One of the biggest reasons why Arizona still draws Californians is the lower costs of living. The costs of living in California are not cheap, especially in big cities such as LA, San Diego, or San Francisco, it is not a secret. You can save up to 20% after moving to Arizona and also, you can save on relocation. Relocation to a destination across the border within the budget is also possible because AZ can offer many affordable companies too.


Arizona’s individual income tax rate is 4.5% which is more affordable than in California. State sale taxes and property taxes are also lower. With lower taxes and lower costs of living, you can live stressless life in Arizona.

Job opportunities

The job market is strong in Arizona, especially in big cities such as Phoenix (one of the largest emerging industrial markets). Arizona is in the top 3 states when it comes to job growth, so if you are looking for a job and to build up your career, moving to AZ may be the perfect option. The average salary is $50,000 per year.

Reasons why Arizona still draws Californians.
Why should you move from CA to AZ?

Housing prices

You can move to a new home with the entire family at an affordable price and to find your dream home at a low cost in Arizona. The median home price in the capital of Arizona is $280,000. Just to compare, the average home price in LA is around $680,000. The difference is huge. You can but a bigger house with a big backyard and a pool and still stay within the budget.

Outdoor activities

Arizona can offer a variety of outdoor activities because it has plains, deserts, canyons, and mountains. For those who love spending time outside, Arizona is a paradise.  Hiking biking, rafting, off-riding, floating, horse riding – just name it.


If you are moving with a family, education is also a factor to consider when moving. Luckily, schools in Arizona are great and the education system is highly-rated. It has more than 1 million students and 85 colleges and universities. On average, parents spend $7,200 for kids’ education which is very affordable for the US standard. Arizona still draws Californians that want to go to college and to get a higher education.

The climate

California is known as a magnet for natural disasters which is not the case with Arizona. Yes, the temperatures here are also high, days are sunny, but at least there are no earthquakes or common forest fires. If you love summer heat and it does not bother you, the weather in Arizona is perfect for you.


Traffic in California is chaotic and you may lose your nerves while driving. Driving in Arizona is easy, even in big cities. The layout is simple and intuitive. The only thing you need to take care of is the gas because Arizona is in the desert and you may have a problem finding a place to refuel.

Art scene

Phoenix is an arts-and-culture place, but not the only one in Arizona. Art is highly developed and also, there many annual events you can go to. Artics often choose a little big cheaper place to move to until they start to earn money from art. California is usually too expensive for young artists.

Organizing your relocation from CA to AZ

California and Arizona are neighbors but traveling from one state to another can take all day (depending where you are moving to and from where you are coming from). Transporting items from California to Arizona is not an easy task do to by yourself unless you have experience and the right equipment. Most people choose to hire a professional moving company, especially for long-distance relocations.

Research long-distance moving companies that are able to help you move from CA to AZ and organize your relocation with ease. Since these two states are neighbors, consider hiring Good Neighbors Moving Company. Pack items you need and move them stress-free. If you have someone that you know in Arizona, ask for experience and recommendations. It is easier after moving when you have someone familiar by your side and this way, you will adjust faster after moving too.

A girl leaving California.
To move from CA stress-free, hire a professional mover and do not worry about a thing

Best places in AZ to move to

Where are the best places to invest in real estate in 2020 in Arizona or the best places to live with family in Arizona? Luckily, this state has plenty of places to offer for everybody – young professionals, retirees, families with kids, etc. Some of the places in Arizona to consider moving to after leaving California are:

  • Peter Howell
  • Catalina Foothills
  • Old Fort Lowell
  • Ahwatukee Foothills
  • Scottsdale
  • Gilbert
  • Dunbar Springs

Arizona still draws Californians, even in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. And there are a lot of reasons why is that, as you can see. Leaving California is a big step, especially if you have never moved before or been outside of CA. Before you make this big step in life, consider all the factors, and explore Arizona. Visit it and then make the final decision.