What’s the first thing you should do after you move?

Yes, you may be exhausted from all the carrying, packing, and a long trip. However, the relocation process doesn’t end as you arrive at the new home. There are some other things you need to do to make sure you can start living in a new house without any problems. That’s why we present to you the first thing you should do after you move – all the bits that will make the new house your new home.

The first thing you should do after you move – take a tour and take photos

If you are renting the place, you probably had to pay some deposit money that the landlord can use if anything is damaged in the house/apartment. That’s why you need to do everything to make sure that the deposit is safe. Before you unpack and move the boxes around, take a tour around the place and check the condition of everything in it. And finally, take photos of the place – it’s good to have proof of the apartment’s condition when you arrived.

a house and coins, money you need to move into a new home
As you’ll pay the deposit, the first thing you should do after the relocation is to take pictures of the apartment’s current condition.

Check your movers

If you hired a moving company (which is a very useful, time-saving option), you need to check the boxes they delivered to your door. Make sure you searched for a reliable mover in a trusted place, so there are no problems. However, you should do the check either way. If anything is lost or broken, be sure to contact the company or file a report.

Rely on pros

To avoid these problems, be sure to hire someone professional and trustworthy – like House to Home Moving. Experienced companies who served a lot of customers certainly know how to deal with your items and deliver them safely to your door.

Check the shutoff valves and the electrical panel

It’s important not to wait until something happens to start the search of the main water and electricity switches. Checking them should be the first thing you should do after you move, so you are ready if any damage or leakage happens.

Set the utilities up

If this hasn’t been done before you arrived, you should do this as soon as possible. This way, you can function properly in your new home when you arrive. If possible, make sure your utilities are up and running before you move in. So if anything has a problem you have enough time to fix it before you move in.

changing the door lock is the first thing you should do after you move
The first thing you should do after you move is to make sure your new home is safe.

Check the home’s security

One of the first things you should do after you move is to make sure you are safe. If necessary change the locks and install the security systems. Don’t wait long before you do this – safety is very important.

And now, here goes the unpacking

So, after you set up everything, it’s time to unpack. We recommend putting the boxes in appropriate rooms first. After that, unpack room by room, by priority. Unpack the items you need first, and then you can unpack the items you don’t use often. After you handle the first thing you should do after you move we mentioned before, everything will be much easier. Enjoy your new home!