What to pay attention to when packing your living room for a move

Packing your living room for a move might be one of the hardest packing processes. Living rooms usually have the heaviest items in a home, like a piece of furniture, music instruments, statues, and electronics. This is why many moving companies recommend their customers to pay special attention to how they are packing their living room belongings, as they easily can be damaged during the process of relocation.

Make sure to have proper packing materials

Every packing requires proper packing materials, and living room belongings require the most unique ones. Depending on what you have in your living room, you might need to get your hands on crates, special plastic wraps, and proper moving boxes.

Packing your living room with a furniture in it.
Packing a living room is one of the most difficult processes in any relocation.

Most of the packing materials you will need when packing your living room for a move, you can get at the nearest supermarket, such as:

  • a plastic wrap
  • ordinary boxes and plastic bins
  • sticky tape
  • sticky notes
  • marker
  • and some kind of protective material, like plastic beans

However, if you are moving bulky and fragile belongings, you might want to get some specialized packing supplies. Large crates are usually needed, as well as sturdy boxes and ropes.

Packing electronics

However, you can pack electronics and electronic components on your own. Of course, if you are afraid of hurting yourself or damaging something in the process, you can always call in to help someone who knows how to disconnect electronics properly, or movers themselves.

But, it is not that hard to pack electronics, especially if you have some knowledge about them. If you have the original packaging, the process might be even easier. TV, for example, usually, doesn’t have more than a few electronic components. Just make sure to label what goes where once you disconnect the parts from each other.

TV in the living room.
Usually, it is not that hard packing your living room for a move with electronics, especially more modern ones.

Also, electronics components, especially displays and other fragile stuff have to be secured properly. Fill the box with plastic beans before you put those components inside. Tape the box shut, and your electronics should be safe for relocation.

Moving furniture requires professional help

Moving furniture and artwork is a very delicate process. This is why no one recommends owners move those belongings themselves. Professional movers specialized in moving artwork and furniture, as well as electronics exist, and you should cooperate with them if you want your relocation to go as smoothly as possible.

Moving such delicate and fragile, but bulky things require special materials. This makes this one of the most stressful moving tasks. Most of those materials are hard to get, and professional movers usually have them.

Also, if you decide to lift and carry furniture yourself after you’re finished packing your living room for a move, chances are that you are going to get hurt and damage walls, and the item itself. So, there is no reason to pack and transport those things on your own. Just call the movers and you’re good to go!