Moving with children – what to know

Moving itself can be stressful and exhausting, but moving with your children can be even worse. So, make sure to plan ahead and try to stay positive. Whether you are moving with your toddler, a school-age child or a teen, the moving day can be nervewracking. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to ease this transition from one home to another as
anxiety-free as possible

Family Meeting is a Must

Whether moving out of the country or just to another city, children typically aren’t thrilled by such an event. When the decision about moving with children is made, be sure to prepare them by first talking about it. Try to give them as many information about the move as possible. Talking about the necessity of the move can prepare them for this new adventure. Also, try to encourage them to express their feelings and concerns. Most importantly, do not forget the fact that your children are leaving their family home and their safe place, so this will be one of the most challenging things in their childhood. So, call a family meeting, order some pizza, and prepare for lots of conversation.

A Family enjoying a meal and discussing about moving
Moving with your family can be stressful, so make sure to be prepared

Organize a Yard Sale

It is time to declutter! Try to go through the house, room by room and see what goes with you and what should be sold or recycled. Try to explain to your children that certain items, like toys, clothes or electronics, that are no longer used, should go on a “Yard Sale” pile. After deciding what goes and what stays, organize a yard sale and invite all of your neighbors, friends, and relatives.

Host a Goodbye Party

Probably one of the most difficult things about moving for children is saying goodbye to their friends, teachers and extended family. This experience can be traumatic, so a “goodbye party” can help. During the party, tell your children to exchange contact information, whether a phone or a social media account. Explain to you children that whenever they miss their friends, they can always use Skype. Prepare a big feast for everybody, the barbecue is always a good idea, or think about the food that your children love the most, and prepare that. Try to make this move a happy event!

Before Moving with Children, Contact the Doctor

It is essential to visit your child’s doctor before relocating. Make sure to have every possible information about your child’s health history and medical records. Some additional tests will not be harmful, for example, an allergy test. Also, check if your chlild received all the necessary injections. It is important to be informed about everything because you do not know how your child will react to your new home. Before ariving at your new home, do a detailed research on hospitals and doctors in your new city, and make an appointment as soon as you arrive. And do not forget to buy medications for the road before moving with children!

Portrait of young Caucasian female doctor wearing glasses and lab coat listening to little girl with stethoscope and smiling.
Before moving with your children, make sure to make an appointment with the doctor

Choose a Family-Friendly Neighborhood

It is important to choose the right place for your children and to make them feel comfortable in their new home. Your new home must be family-friendly, meaning, try to research which neighborhood has many children, parks and schools. After the move, children have to find new friends which can be stressful, so try to be understanding. Many of them worry about being “the new kid“, and whether they will fit in with all other classmates and teachers. Some, have difficulties making friends, so make sure to choose a neighborhood which has many playgrounds and parks, in order to make this transition less stressful. Also, if your children have pets, it would be a good idea to prepare for moving with a pet.

Pack Together with your Child

Involving children in the planning of the move can make them excited. Try to teach them all those moving tips and trick and the basic things they need to remember when relocating. Tell them that they can pack their own toys or books and give them boxes and the packing materials. While doing that you can also make room plans, you can decide about the color of the room or the position of the furniture. Designing a new room can get their minds off the relocation, and make moving with your children an exciting event.

Be “Touristy”

After unpacking and settling in, it is time to meet your new home. Maybe you should start with meeting your neighbors first. Go and knock on people’s doors and introduce yourselves. This can be good for your children, as they will break the ice, and probably meet some peers. You can also arrange some play dates. After you have familiarized with the street, it is time to go a little further; grab a guidebook of your new city, if there is one, and plan some fun things to do with each other around the city. Here are just some of the things you can do in the new city after moving with your children:

  • Go downtown
  • Visit local restaurants
  • Go hiking, rafting or kayaking at the nearby park
  • Visit museums
  • Explore the streets
  • Adopt a pet

It is important to motivate your children to step outside of their comfort zone and to try to fit in in this new environment. Tell them to focus on the good sides of this relocation, such as meeting new friends, and be positive!

Mother and chldren, sitting on a bench
After settling down, go and see what your new city has to offer.

Conclusion: Moving with your Children can be Fun!

Moving with your children can be a fun experience, do your best to explain the reasons for the move, and try to stay positive. Think about all the fun things your children like to do in their city, and do them before you go. Organize a party, or a barbecue to say goodbye to everybody. Make this move a happy event by including your children in fun things, like packing their toys or choosing new furniture for their new room.