What to do with unwanted furniture when moving from Illinois to Arizona

Moving is hard and packing for the move can be tedious. The main problem with moving is the furniture. It is big and bulky and it takes some effort to disassemble, pack, move and reassemble. Moving furniture is also very expensive. This is particularly true for interstate moves like from Illinois to Arizona.  In these cases, the weight of the furniture and the space it takes up can make the move too expensive. This is why many people decide that moving furniture is not worth it. But then there is the question of what to do with unwanted furniture.

Why not move the furniture?

Well, as stated it is bulky and had to be moved around and manipulated. It can also be too expensive to move, and it can all get quite stressful. But there are many other reasons not to move furniture. It may become unwanted if you are downsizing. In these cases, you are moving to a smaller place where your present furniture is not needed. In some cases, the layout of your new place is not good for your old furniture. It may not fit or be too bulky. Sometimes you want to make a change and strive to buy new furniture as a replacement. All of these factors can cause your furniture to become unwanted and if you are not going to use it it makes no sense to move it.

Old furniture on display for a yard sale.
You can always organize a yard or garage sale.

How to dispose of furniture

Although this is clear you should know that this causes a new problem. You need to dispose of your old furniture when moving. This can be a hassle but it is doable. Even golansmoving.com can help you out. Movers have a way of providing even these services or advice on problems like these. But if you are wondering what to do with unwanted furniture here are your options.


If it’s in good condition you may earn some money you will need for the move by selling furniture. It is easy, to organize a yard sale all for your neighbors. Or you can make use of social networks and Craigslist to offer it to the wider public

Give away

You might give it away to your friends and family. Perhaps some of them will be interested to take it.  In these cases, professional help is key as your movers can provide the packing to protect it during transport.


You can also donate to any of the local charities. Churches might find families that need it. Other charities might clean it and sell it to get the money for other charitable activities

A "free" sign on a fence showing what to do with unwanted furniture.
You can decide to donate or give your furniture away for free!

Junk Removal

You can also call any of the junk removal services. These companies will be happy to come and take the furniture from your residence. It may cost you money, which is why you need a budget, but at least it will save you the effort of dealing with your furniture disposal.

In short

Dealing with furniture can be easy. There is no need to worry about what to do with unwanted furniture. There are many solutions so you can choose the one that fits your needs.