Washington to Arizona: Everything you need to know before your interstate move

An interstate move is always a stressful and complex process. It takes planning and organization to pull off successfully. There is so much you need to know to prepare for this sort of move in advance. In addition to moving and moving prep, you also have to get ready and prepared for the change of the city, scenery, and the state. It will take time to adjust so make sure you research and prepare for this change. If you are moving from Washington to Arizona, it will be wise to do some research and get to know both the State of Arizona and the city you are moving to. 

Washington to Arizona – the main differences

Your interstate move will be a big change. Arizona couldn’t be more different from Washington. So, make sure you research and try to get to know your destination. This will make your move a bit easier and help you to relocate without headaches and dread. The first change you will have to get used to is the weather. While in Washington you can expect to get all four seasons Arizona offers a quite pleasant climate. It is warm all year round. Since you are moving to the desert and leaving the mountains behind also leave your winter clothes behind as you will not need them in Arizona.

The desert in Arizona.
Moving from Washington to Arizona is a big change.

Besides this major and most obvious change, you should consider other changes that you will have to prepare for. The most important differences are in:

  • Population
  • Cost of living
  • Housing options
  • Job market and career opportunities


The density of the population in Arizona is much lower than in Washington. This means that the State is not that crowded. This makes living there more relaxed and laid back without crowded cities and crowds. Get used to this. 


Washington is much cheaper to live in. The cost of living is much lower and the health and utilities are more affordable. However, Arizona may be more expensive but it is under the national average.

An areal wiev of a neighborhood in arizona.
Arizona offers more affordable housing solutions.


Arizona’s housing market is more affordable than in Washington. Whether you opt to buy a house or an apartment you will be better of here. Housing prices are lower so you can find a nice and affordable place for your family easily. Make sure you do this before you start your moving process.

Career opportunities

Worrying about finding the right job in Arizona is not necessary. The state offers great career opportunities so you won’t have a problem finding the right job for you. 

Moving preparation

Besides knowing about the difference between these states, you should also research the interstate moving process. It can be difficult and it cant be done with some serious planning and professional help. Make sure you understand the process and get prepared for it well in advance. Making a good checklist and a timeframe is crucial. Also considers that your belongings will be at risk of damage during transport. So, plan your packing and gather quality packing materials to ensure the security and protection for your belongings. Get the necessary supplies of quality, boxes, bubble pack, foam and Styrofoam filling, etc. Make sure you are prepared!

Movers unloading a plant from a truck during an interstate move.
Make sure you find reliable movers that can provide a safe and secure service

So, your interstate move is complex but doable. Make sure you get to know your destination and also research the interstate moving process. Learn everything you can to make your Washington to Arizona move a success.