University of Arizona VS University of Colorado – which one should you choose

Choosing the right University is an important decision. Many freshmen are contemplating the same question each year. There are certain rankings and scales that measure Universities and provide relevant information to help with making these kinds of decisions. If you plan to move to Arizona or Colorado for your studies you should check out these rankings to help you decide. However, at the moment both universities are ranking in the first 40 spots of the World University ranking list. But how to decide between the two? This and other lists like this are not the only relevant sources of information. Additionally, they take only certain criteria into account. So, let’s take a look and compare the University of Arizona VS University of Colorado to get a clearer picture.

What should you consider?

When comparing Universities looking only at academics and the tuition prices are not a good idea. University life also comprises and is influenced by other factors. Athletic results and programs, dorms and living conditions, affordability of life off-campus, etc. Since studying is not the only thing you will be doing you should also consider other resources and evaluate the nightlife, the fun factor, and entertainments. While you try to make your decision also research your moving options and consult Homegrown Moving for additional moving information and advice.

Old university building
Deciding between Colorado and Arizona Universities can be difficult so research well

So to better understand and compare the University of Arizona VS University of Colorado lets look at some basic facts:

  • Both are public universities.
  • Colorado University has more expensive tuition and fees
  • Getting into Colorado University is harder.
  • Colorado University has higher SAT and ACT scores
  • Arizona University has more students
  • Arizona University has more full-time faculties


Be sure that although the Colorado university is more expensive this does not represent the differences in living cost. The University charges for on-campus living. Boulder is overall cheaper to live in and has more affordable living conditions. At the same time, the campus in Boulder is smaller and provides a more cozy feel of a college town. Boulder offers a vibrant social and nightlife. The atmosphere is more relaxing with the abundance of cafes, shops wineries, and restaurants to relax in. At the same time, it offers great natural beauties and the adventure of hiking, biking, snowboarding.


Arizona State has much more of a city feel as Tucson has a larger population. The University campus is old and provides a small-town feel for students. It is a social hub for student s that offer all of the needed amenities. Academically the Arizona U is innovative excelling in the fields of sciences and art. The university assists in NASA research and excels in medical and computer sciences.  

Both Universities offer a great education and are providing knowledge that is needed in the real world. In addition, both offer a great student experience and offer a great, vibrant, and stimulating study and living atmosphere. Academically both Universities are almost equal so it’s hard to say which to choose. But before you start preparing for your move try to learn more and decide.

Arizona University building you will visit regularly if you opt for the University of Arizona in the University of Colorado VS University of Arizona dilemma.
The decision between the two universities will depend on what fits you the most

Moving for college

When you do your comparison and decide on your university make sure to consider your move. Whatever you decide make sure to hire professionals that can handle your moving needs and provide adequate moving advice. If you opt for Arizona, but live in Colorado make sure to make a proper moving plan and do some research. Living conditions will be different so prepare to adapt to the change. Be sure that your movers will handle your move professionally so you can prepare for college and relocate stress-free. 

Ultimately the decision is dependent on the personal feel and the conditions that best fit you. So, do research and visit both places to have a look and get the picture. You will only then be able to make the right choice that will fit you.