Trade and shipping between Arizona and Saudi Arabia explained

Do you plan to export from Arizona to Saudi Arabia? If so, here’s a trade and shipping between Arizona and Saudi Arabia explained. You’ll find a range of vital information that will help you ship freight successfully between the two countries. 

Necessary documentation for your shipment to Saudi Arabia

So, if you’re learning how to prepare a car for shipping or anything else, you need to know what is the necessary documentation. You’ll need:

  • An irremovable label that shows the origin country of the shipment.
  • Insurance documents.
  • Packing list.
  • Bill of lading.
  • Have a commercial invoice in three copies.
  • Certificate of origin that is original and legalized by the exporting country’s chamber of commerce.
  • Clean Report of Findings or SASO from an accredited inspection company in the origin country.

Trade and shipping between Arizona and Saudi Arabia

Shipping to Saudi Arabia from the USA might be challenging due to the language barrier. So, it’s crucial to choose a freight forwarder. 

Therefore, pick the forwarder and consider all possible ways of transport. Also, provide them these pieces of information:

  • Place of shipment.
  • Information about the final destination of your shipment.
  • The weight and dimensions of your cargo or container.
  • And also, the description of the cargo. 
Shipping Containers Sea - Trade and shipping between Arizona and Saudi Arabia
Trade and shipping between Arizona and Saudi Arabia is possible via sea or via air.

Your options for shipping 

Freight forwarding companies like Four Winds Saudi Arabia offer you two methods of transportation. They are ocean freight and air freight. So, here’s an explanation of both alternatives:

  • Ocean freight. When it comes to this option, you can choose a less than container load or full container load.  The first one allows shippers to transport their freight in a shared unit. This is usually the most affordable type of transport for small quantities of goods. But, with a full container load, you’re moving a full shipping container. This is great for larger consignment because you pay a flat rate per container.
  • Air Freight. Of course, this is the fastest choice of shipping. But, also, it’s the most expensive one.

The cost of trade and shipping between Arizona and Saudi Arabia

The final cost of shipping depends on several factors. These are some aspects that freight forwarders consider when providing your quote:

  • The type and nature of freight.
  • Transportation mode.
  • Port or airport of origin and arrival.
  • Weight and dimensions of the shipment.
  • Port or airport of origin and arrival.
  • Service type.

Shipping large cargo 

Since there is a great trade between the US and Saudi Arabia, the country developed ports to accommodate large cargo. For example vehicles and their parts, furniture, motorcycles, and more. To move these large shipments it’s better to use Ocean freight. Ocean shipment service covers all the ports across the country. When shipping vehicles, make sure you know auto shipping mistakes that are easy to avoid

You can even ship a car between Arizona and Saudi Arabia.

Transit time

Your transit time can vary significantly. That depends on whether your shipment is crossing the Atlantic by air or by sea. Airfreight can come to its destination in Saudi Arabia within a couple of days. However, ocean freight will need a couple of weeks. Also, shipping goods from Arizona will take longer than if your shipment originates on the east coast.