Top packing hacks to try when moving from Idaho to Arizona

Moving from state to state can be fun and exhausting at the same time. Packing is part of every moving process. Also, it is a task that takes most of the time and energy when moving. If you are moving from Idaho to Arizona, it is a long-distance relocation. How to pack like a pro and how to make it easier for you? Having a packing guide and some tips can help you pack for moving to another state.

Packing for moving from Idaho to Arizona

More and more people are moving to Arizona. It is a wonderful state that has a lot to offer. Most people are moving because of job opportunities. But, how to prepare for the relocation? What to pack and how to pack? You will need to pack clothes for an interstate relocation, furniture, appliances, and your entire home. It may sound hard and difficult, but there are some tips to do it the right way.

Labeled moving boxes.
Label boxes and don’t overpack them to ensure safety.

Start packing ASAP

Don’t waste your time and don’t underestimate how much time you will need for packing. Especially if you are moving with toddlers. It will take longer to pack while kids are running around the house.

Decide what to move

Separate items into 3 categories – what to move, what to toss, and what to sell/donate. Moving costs will mostly depend on the size and weight of your move. You may save money if you move only the most important things.

Get enough moving supplies

After knowing how many items you have to pack, you will know how many moving boxes you will need. Keep in mind that the right supplies are essential, especially moving boxes. For long-distance relocation, moving boxes should be new and firm, to keep items safe during the transportation.

Label boxes

Save time when unpacking after moving to AZ by labeling all the moving boxes. Label them on the top of the box and on at least one side. Moving boxes with fragile items must be labeled, so everyone can see.

Pack an essential moving box

An essential moving box is a box that you will open first after moving and maybe during the moving as well. Use your best packing materials and pack snacks, water, toiletries, bed sheets, scissors, and phone chargers.

Fragile moving box.
Fragile items must be packed with extra care when moving from Idaho to Arizona.

Transport items from ID to AZ

After packing, it is time to transport your belongings to a new home in Arizona from Idaho. The easiest way is by hiring a professional moving company Peasley Transfer & Storage, which is experienced in long-distance relocations. 

Rent a storage unit

If you don’t want to move all your items, or your new home is not ready for moving in – you may consider renting a storage unit. All your household items will be safe there. Sometimes it is hard to say goodbye to some things, even if you don’t use them anymore but don’t make a first-time movers’ mistake. Those items have sentimental value and you should not throw them away. Having a storage unit can be very useful when moving from Idaho to Arizona for many different reasons.