Top Home Staging Tips to Wow Buyers

When you are in the process of selling your home, you naturally want to attract as many potential buyers as you can. Consequently, you’ll ensure to get the best possible asking price and potentially even sell above it. This might seem impossible, but trust us – it really isn’t. All it takes to achieve this is to stage your home in the best way, and of course, have some expert assistance by your side. To help you, we have prepared some excellent staging tips to wow buyers and make your home appealing to the broadest possible audience.

Why is it important to stage your home before selling?

Many people think that staging a home won’t make a difference in the selling process. However, they couldn’t be more wrong. Here are just some of the many benefits home staging will bring you:

  • Increasing the value of your home – Although home staging isn’t free, it certainly pays off. Compared to similar homes that were not staged, staged homes showed an average increase of 1-5% in their value. The best way to see the effects of home staging is to have your home evaluated before and after.
  • Helps buyers see themselves living in your home – By making your home more appealing, you will impress potential buyers, and they’ll easily be able to envision your old house as a new one for them.
  • It can make the sale quicker – If you decide to stage your home, it will most likely spend less time on the market, and you are sure to find buyers much faster.

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Home staging tips to wow buyers

Now that you know how home staging is a very important step in the selling process, you’re probably wondering how to start and what to do. We’ve prepared several easy staging tips to wow buyers and ensure a quick sale. So, let us begin!

Make a first impression that wows

When potential buyers drive past a home, they want to see a neat lawn, sparkling clean windows, a facade that’s been well taken care of and maintained, and a deck that looks inviting and cozy. If they don’t like your home at first sight, they are most likely to continue driving and look elsewhere.

A house after applying staging tips to wow buyers.
How your home looks on the outside can make or break your sale, so you need to make sure you invest your time and money into increasing its curb appeal.

Therefore, investing in curb appeal is one of the most important home staging steps. You don’t have to redo your entire exterior or build a new deck. You simply need to make sure everything is neat and clean. Of course, should you find any issues that require repair, we strongly advise you to resolve them before buyers come. It could ruin the impression they have, not to mention, influence the asking price.

Clean, declutter and depersonalize

After you’ve taken care of the outside of your home, it’s time to make the inside stunning. It goes without saying that your home should be clean and neat. To ensure every corner of it is spotless, consider hiring professional cleaners. They’ll also save you time as you can focus on other staging steps while they make sure your home is disinfected, odor-free, and sparkling clean.

A cluttered and messy home can turn off buyers and make them decide not to give it a chance without even going through every room. Therefore, make sure to declutter and get rid of the things you no longer need. If you’ve been delaying this for a while, home staging gives you a perfect excuse to go through your belongings and sort everything.

A man and a boy cleaning the floor in the living room.
Cleaning your home can be turned into family fun as you can even make a game out of it and get your kids to help.

The next step is to depersonalize your home. As you want buyers to be able to see themselves living in your property, you need to make sure to put away all personal items such as family photos, travel souvenirs, or your kids’ fridge art. This way, it will be that much easier for buyers to think about your home as theirs.

Choose neutral colors

One of the most straightforward staging tips to wow buyers is to give your home a new coat of paint. It will make your home seem fresh and brand new. However, always remember that tastes are different, and something you like might not be liked by many other people, and vice versa.

Therefore, the safest way to go is to paint the walls in neutral tones. Although walls can always be repainted, choosing the wrong color can ruin the impression and break the sale. By playing it safe, you can be sure you’ll make your home appealing to the broadest range of interested buyers.

Give each room a purpose

A great way to show your home’s full potential is to define rooms by giving each a single purpose. This is especially important if you have unused space or empty rooms in your home. For example, if you have a spare room, you can turn it into a home office, game room, or even another kids’ room.

You can also do this with your attic or basement. This way, you’ll show buyers how much space you have and all the ways they can use it. It’s important for them to see ways to maximize every square foot of their potential new home.

Think about investing in features that give great ROI

If your budget allows you, consider investing in features that increase your home’s price and give you a great return on investment. For example, doing a minor bathroom remodel returns an average of 102%.

A kitchen with modern appliances and a lot of marble surfaces.
Marble might be expensive, but it pays off as it will raise your home’s value. Plus, most buyers will find it elegant and appealing.

Depending on how much you can spend, think about adding hardwood floors or using marble in your kitchen. These features might be costly; however, you are guaranteed to increase your home value. Plus, you can be sure you’ll get more offers as these features are very sought-after.

Good luck!

As you can see, home staging isn’t difficult, but it can completely change the way buyers see your home. By using our staging tips to wow buyers, you’ll also make sure to get a better asking price and more profit. Therefore, it’s definitely worth the try!

Whether you’re selling or buying, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here to make your Hamilton real estate adventure as easy as possible.