Top 7 cities for IT professionals

In case you want to learn more about the top seven cities for IT professionals, then you are in the right place. Here, you will find out why each of these beautiful seven European cities is an excellent choice for people of this profession. Moving to one of them means an excellent future career for all persons who are working in this field.

Zurich is one of the best cities for IT professionals

In the first place, we have Zurich, the biggest city in Switzerland. This city is a global finance center and is definitely an excellent choice for all IT professionals. When it comes to living in Zurich, it is expensive. However, the salaries are very high and the quality of life is great. The salaries in this city of IT professionals are similar to those in the United States. So, if you have a family, then moving here for a job will be excellent.

Zurich, one of the top cities for IT professionals.
Moving to Zurich is an excellent idea for all IT professionals.


Secondly, there is Geneva. This city in Switzerland has the most international centers. Many agencies of the Red Cross and the United Nations are located there. Due to this, it is a center of diplomacy. Many people who are doing jobs that include technology are moving there from the United States.

Packing for a move from the United States

Preparing your belongings for transport when relocating is a very important part of every moving process. Luckily, proper preparation is not an issue. For you can find experts in this field and hire them to help you with everything. When moving from the United States to some other country, make sure to have reliable professionals by your side.

Basel is one of the excellent cities for IT professionals

Thirdly, we have Basel in Switzerland that is very important for culture in this country. It has numerous museums that many people love visiting, especially tourists. Moreover, Basel has excellent universities. Many young people who are interested in computers and technology are relocating here.

Moving to Switzerland

In case you choose to move to Switzerland for a job with your whole family, you must organize everything well. Planning is the key to all smooth relocations. So, decide which city is the best for you and your loved ones, and then search for skilled people to take you there. Make no mistake, you will need true experts for moving to another country because the process is not so easy. When moving from the United States to Switzerland you will need many papers and documents and it will be best to leave moving to true professionals.

Amsterdam is one of the cities for IT professionals

If you want to move from the United States to Europe as an IT professional, then Amsterdam in Holland can be an excellent choice. Not only that you can do what you love and earn good money, but also you can live in a place that has a soul. Amsterdam is one of the very diverse cities, with so many things to see and locations to visit. Moreover, you can enjoy nature near the city with your loved ones. There are many parks and farms that you can visit when you have free time. Some of them have domestic animals that children especially love seeing. So, if you move to this place, you will never be bored and you will always be able to find some way to have fun and experience new things in life.

Houses in Amsterdam.
Amsterdam in Holland is a good choice for IT professionals.

Choosing the right moving company for your relocation from the United States

Today, you can find so many different moving companies when searching the internet. However, not all of them are completely reliable and you must be very careful when choosing the right one for your needs. It is important to be well-informed, so you should read the reviews and contact some people with experience to help you. For example, you can check out as hiring a company with tradition, experience, and reputation is always an excellent decision.


The city in Europe that is known for technological innovation is Oslo in Norway. The quality of life in this city is excellent, it has everything that you need, including a great health system. Moreover, Oslo has many museums and attracts people who like history and culture. Because of all social services, many people are choosing this country and city for their fresh start. Moving here with your family cannot be a bad choice.

Oslo is one of best cities for IT professionals.
Relocating from the US to Oslo cannot be a wrong step for IT professionals.

Copenhagen is a great city for IT professionals

The next place on our list in Europe that has everything for IT professionals is located in Denmark. Copenhagen has many tech companies. Living in this city is not cheap, but salaries are good. Also, you will have a chance to see many castles and historic sites if you move here. Copenhagen has very beautiful architecture and stunning buildings.

Luxembourg City

Finally, Luxembourg City in Luxembourg is a place that many IT professionals love. Here, they have excellent job opportunities and good salaries. Moreover, this city has absolutely stunning forests and beautiful castles from the medieval period. All who are interested in historic sites are often visiting these locations. Also, hiking is very popular among both locals and tourists. Furthermore, wine is also a thing in this city. Interestingly, you will need to spend only half an hour in your car in order to visit France, Germany, and Belgium, which is a great thing.