Top 5 things to do right before moving from NYC to Phoenix

Every change is difficult in itself, but among the most complicated are those where you completely change your life circumstances. Moving is a great example of that because, in addition to changing the place, you also change your whole life, habits, circumstances, and work. The most extreme cases are those where you move to another country, or to the other side of the continent. For example, moving from NYC to Phoenix is all of that. When something like this happens, it is clear that you have to organize the relocation in the best possible way. However, Arizona Moving Professionals believe the effort you make to make this less stressful will pay off.

Find a good reason before moving from NYC to Phoenix

It is not easy to find something better than New York City. After all, this city has everything you could possibly want. It may seem impossible that you may want to live elsewhere. However, it is quite normal that you had enough of traffic jams, chases, and fights with the mass of people who are constantly circling this city in search of something. It is also reasonable why had you chosen Phoenix. Arizona‚Äôs capital city, Phoenix is probably the best choice if you are looking for something different. If you think about it, it’s completely expected that you will call reliable professional movers like Divine Moving and Storage to help you to move out and settle in Phoenix. After all, so many great things await you there.

Even after the Big Apple, something may surprise you

Known for its all-year sunny days and warm temperatures and because of that, it is known as the Valley of the Sun among folks that live there. It is also widely known for its high-end spa resorts and more than awesome nightclubs. Furthermore, the amazing Desert Botanical Garden is a place where you are able to see some of the rarest cactus specimens in the world and other various desert species. Phoenix is home to many great companies and its economy, in general, is highly developed. If you need a new job or you have an idea to start something yours, this is the place. The tourist industry is among the most developed for good reason. Performing arts, museums, and fine galleries all around will occupy your time. Architecture is amazing and diverse which can mean a lot to you if you are looking for a house in a certain architectural style.

Phoenix panorama
This city will be a refreshment for you.

Things to do right before moving

The moving process can be very stressful and preventing that stress is one of our top priorities. Preparation is key when we are talking about moving, especially interstate moving. Good preparation takes a few steps and a lot of time, considering you have found a sweet spot in Phoenix, and a place to live. Moving day is closing so the last few details are incredibly important. Making a checklist of necessary things is not mandatory but very helpful. In order to help yourself prepare for the move from NYC to Phoenix you need to:

  • Change of address
  • Do a visits
  • Packing is inevitable
  • Utility companies switch
  • Goodbye party

Sort the documents and prepare everything before moving from NYC to Phoenix

When moving to a new town, city, or state, it is very important to legally change your address. This way mail will arrive at the right destination, and you will also avoid some legal issues. By state laws, you are obligated to check in when you change your living address. Besides the police, your bank will also like to know your new address.

Do a small research

Research is a great way to get aquatinted with your new surroundings. Knowing where the hospital is, police station, markets, the bank even school are the little things that make our life easier, especially if you are changing your surrounding completely. You can explore your new area with friends even before you move. For instance, you can organize a little trip and visit important spots in Phoenix.

Cactus field
Explore Phoenix and you are going to love it.

Pack your previous life

Don’t wait until the last minute to begin packing! Also, it’s recommended that you make a list of items necessary to pack. When the list is here it’s time to fill boxes and mark them properly with directions on how and where to put them. You need your belongings safe so packing material is very important. Find quality boxes, because, while they will keep your stuff unharmed during transport, they will also help you save space in the moving truck. There are many types of packing boxes. You can order firmer packing boxes online or you can use standard cardboard boxes. If you are after standard cardboard boxes, go to your local market and ask if they’ve got some old product boxes they want to throw away. In most cases, they’ll be able to provide you with some free of charge.

Stacked boxes
Use the best materials for long-distance moving from NYC to Phoenix.

Don’t leave your loose ends behind

Right before moving from NYC to Phoenix, go to your utility companies and warn them of your moving in near future. Most of those companies have a minimal cancelation period, so you want to respect that period to avoid paying extra fees. This goes especially on power supply companies, waterworks, and cable operations.

Give your friends a big hug

Assuming you have already informed your friends and colleagues of your departure, it is time to say a proper goodbye. Saying proper goodbye is of the essence. After all, your friends are a big part of your life. The easiest way for this is a goodbye party. However, considering that you are in the middle of packing, it might be wise to organize a party outside of your current home. A picnic, for instance, might be a great solution, but either way, you are free to organize the said party in any way and anywhere you want.


It is clear that before moving from NYC to Phoenix you need to organize everything the best way possible. Transporting your stuff, arranging your new living place, and starting a new life phase requires patience. Start on time and be persistent.