Top 5 long distance moving companies in the US

Are you thinking about hiring a moving company? Well, if you have an interstate move on your hands, or you’re moving with children, you have every reason to hire professionals. As you’ve already seen when traveling with your children, any help you can get is very beneficial. And when moving, the help is maybe even more important. You want someone to be by your side if anything unexpected happens so that they can respond and solve the problem. Besides, the interstate relocation process involves so many different tasks, that make it difficult even if everything goes according to plan. Check out these top 5 long-distance moving companies in the US and make the right choice.

There are many different moving companies out there and unfortunately, not all of them are reliable. You need a company that’s going to be with you along the way, the company that has many satisfied customers and that knows how to do their business. To find such a company, check out these top 5 long distance movers in the US. While either one of them is a good choice, find the company that suits your needs the best.

Feedback, five stars
Check out this list before you make the choice

New Leaf Moving Group

New Leaf Moving Group is a relocation business located in South Florida. It’s a family-owned business with a “can-do” attitude. These are some of the reasons why you should consider this company:

  • they offer wrapping services, custom packing, and unpacking services
  • they offer piano moving services
  • you can get competitive moving quotes here
  • they offer local, long-distance and interstate moving options
  • you can contact them if you want residential or commercial relocation

Also, you should see what customers say about them as it will give you an idea of your potential future experience with them.

Men on the Move

This is a moving company located in Georgia, but they offer local and long-distance moving services. Basically, this means that no distance is too short or too long for them. They also move specialty items, like pool tables, pianos, and organs. It’s really important to say that all the employees and vehicles in the company are licensed and insured. Also, you can get packing and unpacking services for an additional price. In addition to these, they offer long-term and short-term storage with multiple terms, so you can choose options that suit you best. Finally, it’s important to mention that this is the company operating per US DOT. And they have an A+ grading according to the Better Business Bureau. Check out the positive feedback, and you’ll see why this is one of the top 5 long distance movers in the US.

There’s really no reason to move all by yourself

Empire Moving Group LLC

Do you want a smooth and easy relocation, that’s also affordable? Then, Empire Moving Group is a company to consider. These are full-service movers that offer long-distance, local, commercial relocation, as well as car shipping service. Their goal is to have satisfied customers, and you can become one of them, too. They’ll be with you every step of the way of your relocation. This means they’ll disassemble and assemble your furniture, provide you with boxes, wrapping material, and everything you need in order to have a safe relocation. But, learn more about them before you become their new customer.

Prestige Moving and Storage

This company began in 1961, which means that it’s got more than 50 years of experience. So, if you’re looking for a company with long experience on this list of top 5 long-distance moving companies in the US, this is the one. Prestige Moving and Storage offer a full-service move now, including local and long-distance moves, as well as residential and office relocation. Also, you can use their short-term and long-term storage. These are some of the reasons to consider choosing them:

  • they have US Department Of Transportation license for international relocations
  • they have affiliation with AMSA and ProMovers
  • this is a licensed and insured company

Of course, the only way to know for sure is to see for yourself, so go ahead.

JK Moving Services

This company began in 1985, which makes a company with a long experience. They offer local, long-distance, and international moving. So basically, whether you want to move down the street or anywhere else in the world, they can do it. Did you know that this is the largest independent moving company in North America? And of course, they have many certifications, they’re licensed and insured and accredited by the BBB. Also, many clients had kind words for them, so keep them in mind when choosing the company. You’ll see that you can have an exceptional moving experience, once you see these professionals at work.

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Wherever you want to go, these movers can help you

Time to compare the estimates

Whether you’re choosing the best electrical contractor, for example, or a good moving company, you should check out the market first. You should see what deals you can get from other companies and choose the deal that suits you. However, don’t go for the lowest bidder, as that doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily get a quality service in return.

Make the right choice

Now you all the information you need, and you know about the top 5 long-distance moving companies, it’s time to make a choice. But, don’t forget to trust your instincts too. We shouldn’t stop relying on our instincts only because we’ve acquired some knowledge along the way. Even more so, this knowledge can be one more reason to trust ourselves. We should trust our gut, no matter if we’re planning a wealth management strategy, or choosing a school for our kids. After all, we want this relocation process to be as pleasant as possible, and that won’t be the case if we’re going against our own better judgment.