Tips for moving to Arizona from Colorado

Up until the last few years, Colorado was always showing a constant growth rate. However, a couple of years ago, things were starting to change due to the rise in housing prices and, more or less, stagnant salaries. Once potential hot-spot is facing a troublesome situation where its residents are leaving for other states. Those who stay may yet to see an improvement in the long term, but for now, other countries are looking more attractive. Arizona is one of those attractive countries. If you are among the people who are thinking about moving to Arizona from Colorado, then you probably won’t be disappointed with what it has to offer.

Moving to Arizona from Colorado

It may sound strange, but Arizona is the place with more sunny days than any other country in states. Even Florida falls behind in this criteria. This makes it a perfect place if you are growing tired of all the gloomy clouds and freezing cold weather in your local area. Moving there should not be a problem since there are many reliable professionals like Just do some research before you make a final decision, prepare thoroughly, and things should be easy. You can’t fail with Arizona because it’s a type of state that offers a beautiful natural environment, plenty of optimal working options, and low cost of living, among many other things.

Amazing cascading waterfalls in beautiful nature of Arizona.
There is a lot more than desert and sand in Arizona.

Check and compare the pricing of moving companies

When it comes to moving estimates, make sure you have all offers on paper. Not only estimates but every other bill. It is a sort of insurance that there won’t be any hidden costs and changes after moving is over. It certainly pays off to research more companies, don’t fall for the first ball. Check the insurance coverage they offer and any additional services that you might need in the future. Additionally, see if your employer is willing to pay for your moving costs in case you are moving on their initiative. If they are, that will definitely make this a stress-free relocation to a neighboring state.

Save some money before moving to Arizona

If you have enough time to plan this ahead, try to make some savings before moving. You can never be sure that your plan is perfect and that you are taking all possible situations into consideration. As it happens, it’s easily possible to forget some smaller details which can later lead to additional costs. For example, you might need additional storage for some of your furniture later on.

Consider renting a house for the start

It’s not the rule of a thumb, but it’s possible to rent a house for less money than you would need for an apartment. Especially if you are planning to live further from the city center. Apartments can be quite expensive, especially in downtown. Also, aim for a house that you may consider buying after a couple of years. Some places offer rent-to-own plans for their future residents. It’s much better to invest your money this way. Contact a couple of real estate agencies and ask about the deals in the local area. Even if you have enough money to buy a house immediately, renting first would be a smarter move. You are new to the area and you are not familiar enough with the neighborhood yet, and you need to adjust.

Backyard with a small pool.
Depending on the area, this can be quite an ordinary house in Arizona.

Plan what to do with your items

Even if still have plenty of time ’till the moving date, you should plan what to do with your items ASAP. As the moving date comes closer, the pressure will rise and you might overlook some of the items. It will only make you additional complications if you have to deal with them on a moving day. So, planning early is never early enough. Start packing the things you are sure you are going to move to a new place. Get all the packing supplies on time, and consider searching for some free supplies like boxes from supermarkets.

Usually, we collect a bunch of useless things over time, so try to get rid of some of your items. You have three options:

  1. Either give your item away
  2. Sell online or organize a yard sale
  3. Donate to charity

Do this at least two weeks before the big date because you don’t want the panic to overwhelms you at the last minute.

Why it is good to choose a local company in Arizona

Eventually, if your plan did go as it should, you might need to store some of your items away. Again, depending on a moving company, many of them already have storage options in their offers. So, if you are moving to Arizona then using some of the local movers can be beneficial, you might get some discount on their storage services.

If circumstances allow, try to find a job before moving to Arizona from Colorado

Those who are moving on a company’s initiative won’t have to deal with this. But, what about others? In general, be sure you will have a steady income before start spending your money. It is much easier to start looking for potential opportunities in time than hunting in the mud upon arrival. It can take a while until you get a job and your savings certainly won’t last forever. You don’t need to hit the premium job right away, even some temporary jobs will do the trick.

Bring your camera with you

For those who love taking pictures and enjoy nature, Arizona will be like a haven. Just two words, Grand Canyon, are enough. You will never be tired of exploring the surrounding areas in Arizona. There is always something new you missed the last time. It will make your large photo collection even larger.

A woman standing on the edge and admiring the Grand Canyon.
Be prepared to stand in awe every time you take a look at the Grand Canyon.

You will definitely need a car after moving to Arizona from Colorado

This is simple, if you want your life in Arizona to be simple and easy, you definitely need to have a car. First, the outdoor areas are huge, and there is a lot of “more interesting” places off the main roads. It’s not a complete enjoyment if you can’t have a pause whenever you want, and wherever you want. Second, you won’t be dependent on a transportation system, which sometimes can be a big deal. Moving to Arizona without a car is one thing, but living in Arizona without one, well, it’s an entirely different matter.