Timeline for organizing an office move from Phoenix to Philadelphia

Organizing an office move is a long process. There are too many things to keep track of in both the planning and the execution. However, one thing that might help you stay on top of your office move is keeping a timetable. So, in order to help with this, we have put together a time for organizing an office move from Phoenix To Philadelphia.

6 months prior

Up first on your timeline for organizing an office move from Phoenix to Philadelphia: assigning roles. Pick out employees you trust, and have them help you out with the process. A great  during office relocationalso, is involving everyone. For this, you might want to organize a move planning team. Additionally, in this stage of planning, you should: coordinate with an interior designer to get the layout of the new office in order. Then plan the design of phone and computer systems, in order to have them up and running as soon as possible. Finally, start[ researching moving companies. The sooner you know how much the move will cost, the better.

employee showing plans to coworkers
Keeping your staff informed is vital to your office move.

3-4 months prior

At this stage, it is still mostly planning. You will want to: complete the interior design and layout plans of the new office. Then, finalize phone and computer system plans. Next, a step which is usually overlooked: ensure elevator access in both the new and old location. The move will require constant elevator access in both locations. Finally, keep communications with your employees open. They will want to be ready for any changes.

1-2 months prior

At this stage, it is time to start putting some plans into action. First off, you need to change your office address. Update your business cards, company stationary and other collaterals with the new address. Second, schedule all of the utilities for the new office. These should, of course, be up and running for the first day in the new office. Lastly, pick out your moving company. Your best call might be to hire labor only movers, as the service is generally cheaper and the packing should be done well ahead of time anyway. But, on moving day, having an extra pair of hands could prove vital.

Employees sitting on chairs.
Having assistants at this stage is very helpful.

1-3 weeks prior

Moving day might be getting closer, but it’s still not time to relax. At this stage, you will want to: wrap up plans with both your current and future building manager. If you and your employees are doing the packing yourselves, it might be a good idea to get packing training from your movers. In the meantime, also make sure to confirm IT installation plans in the new office. Finally, reserve new parking spaces and order new keys.

Day before your move

Before the big day, you will want to update your company’s online presence. Things such as social media and the company website. Also, experts from Zippy Shell of Greater Philadelphia note that, at this point, all packing and labeling should be wrapped up.

Moving day

Congratulations on making it to the big day. However, even after the move there are still some things to do. Firstly, you should unpack according to the existing office plan layout. When that is done, return any equipment and boxes used during the move. And, lastly, finalize the installation of computer and phone systems.

Wrap up

The process of organizing an office move can be very stressful. But, having the right timeline helps a lot in getting everything prepared. Keep in mind, however, that you should also prepare to motivate your employees to return to office after the move. We hope you found this timetable for organizing an office move from Phoenix to Philadelphia useful, and wish you luck in your move.