Things you shouldn’t forget when moving from Texas to Arizona

It goes without saying that moving is time, energy, and money-consuming process. On top of that, it is also a process that makes us feel stressed and anxious. No wonder people keep forgetting to do certain things and end up having a lot of problems when moving, in this case, from Arizona to Texas. Luckily, there is a way to avoid forgetting. All you have to do is create a moving calendar and a checklist ahead of time, and of course, follow it. Do not worry, doing this is easier than it sounds and be sure that it will make your Arizona relocation a lot simpler. We are also here to help you out. Thus, if you are interested in what things you shouldn’t forget when moving from Texas to Arizona, keep on reading.

To Compare Moving Companies

As previously mentioned, moving is a stressful process. People worry about everything they are leaving behind and about everything new that awaits them in their new home. Because of that, they just want to get it over with as soon as possible. That is when they make the beginner’s mistake and hire the first moving company they come across. In some cases, that company is fraudulent, and in some cases, that company is the most expensive one in the city.

Thus, be smart and do not make this mistake. When you decide that you want to transfer to your new place of residence with the help of a moving company, do your research. Call and interview a couple of moving companies your friends or family members recommended or the ones you found online. Then, ask them for an in-home estimate. Once you have all the information, compare the moving companies Only then will you be sure that you found the company that is both reliable and affordable, and most importantly, that is best when moving from Texas to Arizona.

When moving from Texas to Arizona, take your time to compare all the moving companies.

To Purge and Take Only the Most Important Things

One thing is for sure – the more items you have the more expensive your move will be. It is rather simple. Moving companies charge by the amount of time they are helping you pack, the amount of packing materials they use, and the number of workers that come to your home. Still, many people forget about this fact and try to bring everything they own with them. This not only breaks the budget but also makes the entire move more complicated. Thus, save yourself from that trouble and remember to purge as much as you can before moving from Texas to Arizona with the help of movers like You can do that by:

  • Giving the items you do not need to your friends and family members
  • Donating the items you do not need to a charitable organization
  • Selling the items online (on social media, on Craigslist, eBay, Amazon, etc)
  • Organizing a yard/garage sale

To Gather Important Documents and Records

Moving itself requires dealing with a lot of paperwork. Whatever moving-related things you do, you will end up with a document that is necessary for something else. Keeping track of that is more than hard. But, if you do lose or forget some document or record, you may find yourself in big trouble. Thus, try to make a list of all the necessary documents you must collect or transfer before all the moving craziness happens, or at least, try to make predictions so you can be ready.

Start with collecting all the documents necessary for selling your current home and for buying/renting your new one. Then, move onto the documents necessary for transferring your school-aged children as well as for transferring your pets. Do not forget to gather medical and dental records for the entire family as well. Finally, transfer all your utilities, driving license, and any magazine subscriptions you may have¬† –¬† these are the things most people forget when moving from Texas to Arizona.

To Take the Pet for a Check-up

Pay special attention to your pets when moving. They have feelings just like we do. So, imagine how frightened they will be once you relocate them to a location they have never seen before. In order to make this transition easier on them, you as an owner must make sure you are moving to a pet-friendly place as well as make sure you pack all of their items (beds, feeders, toys, collars, etc.). Luckily, these are the things people rarely forget. However, what they do forget when moving with their furry friends is to take them for a check-up. Thus, write this down somewhere where you can see and be reminded. Call your vet prior to moving from Texas to Arizona and schedule a check-up. Moreover, do not forget to get all the medical prescriptions for the illnesses your pet may have as well.

a cat in a box - moving from Texas to Arizona
Think about your pet’s needs when moving!

To Pack an Essentials Box

Last but certainly not the least thing to have in mind when moving from Texas to Arizona is to pack an essentials box. If you moved before, you probably know what this is. If you haven’t, well, you are about to find out. Namely, an essentials box is, of course, a box, in which you will put all things you may need on your moving day and the day before. This box will make your life soo much easier. In it, place all the necessary documentation, medical prescriptions, phones, chargers, food, drinks, extra clothing, your child toys, your pet’s necessities, etc. Basically, in it, you should put all the most important things you need to have by your side when relocating.