Things to do in Phoenix, AZ with pets

Relocating with your furry friend is sometimes a little bit more complicated than you thought. Many people believe it is only the relocation part that is difficult, but most of the time, there is an adaptation to a new place as well. To make it easier on them as much as possible, you will have to figure out all the things to do in Phoenix, AZ with pets. Keeping them busy and taking them on new adventures is the best way for them to relax. There are many places you should visit, and it is the same for your pet. Just make a list and plan your future days.

One of the first things to do in Phoenix, AZ with pets is to visit the Camelback Mountain

You are probably already aware that one of the most popular places in entire Phoenix is Camelback Mountain. The good thing about it is that there are many hiking trails that are completely pet friendly. But you need to prepare your pet for this first. For dogs it will be easier than for cats, that’s for sure. However, make sure that you bring enough water for both, but food and snacks as well. You never know how long you might stay up there. You can start planning this for the first day when you arrive. Meanwhile, ensure that skilled assistance is near to help you move in. They will deal with things while you have time to wander around.

Three dogs in the back of the car ready for things to do in Phoenix, AZ with pets.
Get your pets prepared for the relocation and find them things to do in Phoenix, AZ with pets.

Piestewa Peak is full of wonders for everyone

In the very center of Phoenix, you can find Piestewa Peak. It is one of the peaks that has a very accessible hiking trail for your furry friend. Also, there is a stunning waterfall where you can relax and enjoy your morning or afternoon with your dog or even a cat. Since cats normally don’t like water, perhaps this one is more for dog owners. Adapt to one of the coziest neighborhoods in Phoenix, and start your adventure.

If you like to run, one of the things to do in Phoenix with your pet is to run around Echo Canyon

There is no better way of staying fit than running. And this goes both for your dog and you. You can go early in the morning to run around Echo Canyon. There are two starts on the trail. Although, there is an entrance fee. If you decide to do this more often, we recommend you get a pass, though

Girl and her dog sitting near the lake with a beautiful view.
Spend time in nature as much as possible, your pet will love it.

Last but not least, don’t forget to swim at Tempe Town Lake

If your pet likes to swim and they love water, then this is an amazing place for you. Especially on warm summer days. One of the things to do in Phoenix, AZ with pets is to refresh yourself, and you can do so by paying a visit to Tempe Town Lake. It is completely pet friendly, so both you and your beloved companion will, without a doubt, have fun…and who knows, you might even meet a friend or a few.