The ultimate guide for Arizona to California relocation

Are you moving from Arizona to California soon? That’s great, and surely you will love California. One thing you won’t love is everything you have to do in order to move from Arizona to California. There is a lot of preparation, planning, and packing involved in every relocation. It’s just a price we have to pay in order to get to our chosen destination and you chose well! California is an amazing place and the weather (as well as the beaches) are stunning! Surely, now you are wondering if is there a way to make your move a bit easier. Luckily for you, there is. There are even whole companies with the sole purpose of making relocations easier. We will talk about movers later on. Let’s start from the beginning with all the things you should do before you even start packing for your Arizona to California relocation.

Before you start packing

There are many things you need to do before you even start packing for your Arizona to California relocation. Even though you already know a lot about California, you should research a bit your new town and neighborhood. Check out what’s nearby your new home and figure out your new routine. That will make settling in easier. After you are done with that, download a couple of moving apps and try them out. Moving and packing apps have some amazing packing tips, reminders and so much more. The best of all is that most of them are free to use so it’s a win-win situation for you.

The next step is decluttering. To make packing easier you should declutter your old Arizona home. Get rid of everything that you no longer use and the stuff you don’t want to bring to California. You can see some excess items and use that money towards packing material. Another win-win situation. This task is not so easy so make sure to engage all family members or you can call your friends to help you out. After all that is done, you can start gathering packing material. Make sure to write down everything you will be needing and try to get everything in one go. That will speed things up. Now check out the packing tips we have prepared for you in order to help you to avoid the most common moving mistakes.

A couple packing for Arizona to California relocation
Bubble wrap is a must when you are moving.

Packing tips you will be needing soon

Now, let’s see those packing tips and hacks:

  • Get the things you don’t need right now out of the way first. In order to avoid having to live in boxes and repack often, it’s best to get started by packing up infrequently used items.
  • Place similar items in the same box. Keep your belongings in order by grouping them according to their use or storage space.
  • The key to rapid access while traveling is to put all your necessities in a separate section of your suitcase. Nobody enjoys having to rummage through boxes in search of something they might need. The potential for stress can be reduced by storing similar items together in a single container.
  • Put a room and contents label on each box. Unpacking will go more smoothly if you label the boxes with the room they belong in and the contents inside. Delivery crates can be dumped straight into their designated rooms.
  • Identify rooms using different colored boxes. Making each room its own color can help keep your belongings in order during the packing process.
  • Don’t rush the packing process. Plan for a little bit more time than you believe you’ll need to get everything together and into your suitcase. Making a packing timetable is a good method to ensure you have enough time to get everything ready for a move.
  • Start by loading large goods like furniture and appliances. Having the aisle clear at the truck’s entrance facilitates unloading by making room for smaller products.

If you have too many household items and need to take care of the kids (or any other reason) you should engage professionals to help you with packing or with unpacking in California. will be able to assist you with those difficult tasks.

A person packing and preparing for relocation
Packing can take a lot of your time so start as soon as you can.

Hiring professional movers will make your move from Arizona to California much easier

Movers can make all the difference. When thinking about movers people only think about those guys with trucks who get you from point A to point B. Full-service moving companies can do so much more than that. They can assist you with every aspect of your relocation and furthermore. For example, they can help you with unpacking when you arrive, assist you with settling in, and even get your stuff to storage in case you realize that you don’t have enough space for everything in your new home. You should consider engaging experts for this task because you will be quite tired to do all that on your own after you had to do everything we just listed above. Moving is not an easy endeavor. You will need plenty of help. Movers are the people who can be there for you and that’s why so many people hire them.

A professional mover next to a moving van.
They will make things easier.

Some parting words

Feelings of enthusiasm and anticipation are common as you prepare to relocate to a new house, but preparing, packing, and unpacking can be a difficult experience. It can be daunting to try to figure out how to get started, what to pack, and which area to tackle first. That’s why we gave you some extra packing tips. The best tip we have for your upcoming Arizona to California relocation is to find the right kind of movers and engage them. That is the only way to have a stress-free relocation and a good moving experience. Good luck and we hope that this guide made some things easier for you. Don’t worry, all of this will be done soon and you will be able to fully enjoy California.