The easiest way to pack your family for a move from Illinois to Arizona

We will help you to pack your family for a move from Illinois to Arizona. Packing usually is the most boring and (if not including heavy lifting) the hardest part of any relocation. That’s why most people need at least some help. We know plenty of tricks that will help you so, all you need to do is read on. It’s ok if you are feeling overwhelmed. Everybody does when relocation approaches, you simply have too much to do. So, we will also show you who can help you and ease everything. There is a way to have a stress-free relocation. It’s not a myth.

Use the advantages of modern technology for your move from Illinois to Arizona

You should always use everything that’s available and it’s free right there, in your pocket. Yes, we are talking about your smartphone and the internet of course. There is so much you can find out online but the best help will be packing and moving apps. Most of those apps come free and they can do a lot like help you with planning, share some packing tips, help you with finding a good labeling system. Apps can even give you some great advice on moving to Arizona in a hurry if necessary. The list here is endless so we won’t talk much more about it. Just go to your app store or play store and download the ones you like most.

A woman using a packing app on her mobile phone.
Go to your app or play store to download some good packing apps that can help you.

What you can do before packing that will ease the process a lot

There is one thing you can do that will simplify your move. In fact, include the whole family. Decluttering sounds like a lot of work right now but you will benefit a lot from it. You won’t be bringing unuseful items to your new home in Arizona for example. Also packing will be much easier. If you have enough time you can even sell the items that are in good condition and earn some money that can cover part of your moving expenses. It’s a win-win situation really.

Packing material and saving money tips

Packing material is very important. That is the only thing that will be protecting all your beloved household items until you arrive at your new home in Arizona. Obviously, you want your packing material to be good but you want to save some money if possible. It’s important to use adequate supplies but if you don’t have any or don’t have the time for that movers can help you. They have moving boxes and others. We have a couple of solutions for your problems with packing material. Some of them will be cost-effective, and some won’t. They are just a good way to protect your breakable items.

  1. Consider renting plastic bins
  2. Make sure that your moving boxes are good and sturdy
  3. Use box dividers – this is something you can DIY
  4. Bubble wrap is the best for packing fragile items but if you want to save money you can use the things you have at home instead like small towels, t-shirts, and such
  5. Do you have some sharpies? You will need them to label your moving boxes – we will talk more about labeling
A young woman packing for relocation
Having a good packing material will make a huge difference.

Ways to include your kids

Packing can be fun. This is a perfect time to include your kids. We are talking about kids above the age of four. Little kids can sort their toys in boxes, a bit older ones can even fold their clothes. Teenagers can do pretty much the same as you. Including kids can be a very good thing. They will feel more mature and responsible and this is something you will be doing together. Don’t forget to thank them for their help and tell them they did a good job. Even if you had to assist. This is a good way to prepare your kids for relocation.

Professionals can help you to pack for a move from Illinois to Arizona

Hiring reliable professional movers like Golans Moving and Storage is sometimes the only way to relocate easily. Nowadays movers do so much more than just heavy lifting and transportation. Yes, they will get you to Arizona from Illinois but they can assist you every step of the way. Starting from packing. It’s ok if you have too much to do and cant handle the packing right now. That’s what movers are for.

A couple packing for a move from Illinois to Arizona
Hiring professional movers is the easiest way to pack for your move.

Additional packing tips

Now let’s get back to some packing tips. We already mentioned decluttering and how to use modern technology to your advantage. We even talked about movers and how they can help you (and the kids of course) and we shared some packing material tips. Now it’s time to continue with packing tips.

  • sort everything
  • always pack by room, that makes unpacking easier
  • find a good labeling system, moving apps can show you a few ways to do it
  • find a way to mark the boxes containing fragile items
  • first, pack those fragile and easily breakable items
  • work your way up to furniture, that can be left for later
  • if you have some special items like a piano, call professionals to handle that, doing it on your own can cause damage and not to mention you can hurt yourself and your back

Arizona and settling in

Surely you are looking forward to your new life in Arizona. And you should, this is a great state and it has so much to offer. You should explore it as soon as you move from Illinois to Arizona but there is one thing you need to do first – unpacking. Even if you are tired from all the moving hassle this is something that needs to be done as soon as possible. Local movers can help you of course if you need them to. If you used the tips we gave you for packing you won’t have too much trouble while unpacking. All those tips were meant to help you to get your household items safely to Arizona and to help you to unpack.