Storing holiday decorations: pro tips

Perhaps everyone’s favorite part of the year is the holiday season. Christmas eve. Christmas morning and presents under the decorated tree. Then there’s the New Year, with its unique charm. The one thing that connects all of that is decorations. Lights, outdoor and indoor. Decorations – on the roof, on the floor, on the tree. Starting with the ones that you made from scratch when you were a kid (you know those macaroni and paper decorations) and to the shiny expensive ones. But once the euphoria and the holidays season are over, one question pops up. What to do with all the decorations you won’t need until the next occasion? That’s why we came up with some suggestions on how to do it the best way possible. And no, you don’t have to buy some extra space. We present to you – Storing holiday decorations: pro tips. Continue reading “Storing holiday decorations: pro tips”