3 things to check before selling your house

If you want to learn how to attract a buyer to your property, you might want to keep reading this text. Here you’ll discover 3 things to check before selling your house!

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Tips for moving from Arizona to California in less than a month

Every relocation is a process that is quite complex. It consists of multiple parts. And in most cases, it is a long-lasting process. Since it is already stressful enough as it is, you can imagine how difficult it is when you need to do it in less than a month. Yes, it will be challenging and overwhelming, but you can do it. If you focus and you pay attention to details, moving from Arizona to California in less than 30 days won’t be a problem for you. Of course, you need to start by asking yourself what is the first thing to do. Writing down some will be things will be more helpful. So make sure that you remember all the tips we are about to share with you.

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How to ensure safety of your belongings when moving from Washington to Arizona

Washington is a great place to live, but you have gotten tired of it or are looking for something new in your life. You have picked Arizona as your new home because you believe you can improve your life there. And your belief is justified because Arizona is a beautiful state with many opportunities. But before you start your life in Arizona, you have to get there, and you will need help with your move. Specifically, Arizona Moving Professionals will tell you how to ensure the safety of your belongings when moving from Washington to Arizona.

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Tips for negotiating a commercial lease in Phoenix

If you have plans to start a business in Phoenix, you will need a perfect space in the city that will be your office. To find it, you should do your best to discover the most suitable part of the city. Anyhow, once you get that working area, you will probably want to rent it. So, to make sure you are properly ready for this job, you will need some tips for negotiating a commercial lease in Phoenix by your side! Continue reading “Tips for negotiating a commercial lease in Phoenix”

Leaving Cedar Park, TX for Phoenix, AZ – challenges to prepare for

If you are leaving Cedar Park, TX for Phoenix, AZ, we are there to help you! In the following lines of this article, we will present to you the challenges to prepare for and how to organize the entire process with ease. When we talk about living in Phoenix, you can expect a lot of benefits. For example, you can find the best neighborhoods in Phoenix for young professionals. But, when we talk about the relocation process, it is important to know how to prepare properly for it. To achieve, it, let us present to you some useful tips and tricks that will make the process simpler. Continue reading “Leaving Cedar Park, TX for Phoenix, AZ – challenges to prepare for”

Tips for moving from Nevada to Arizona for a job

If you are moving from Nevada to Arizona for a job, it is important to know some useful tips for it. We are not talking about how to find a job before you move. Keep in mind that organizing the moving process properly is also one of the crucial things. But, by following the tips that we will present to you, be sure that you will have a trouble-free process. In other words, you will have all your moving problems and dilemmas solved. So, let us give you the tips and tricks for a smooth move! Continue reading “Tips for moving from Nevada to Arizona for a job”

Timeline for a local move in Phoenix

When you are performing any relocation, the organization of your time is a crucial factor. If you have every part of a move well thought out and scheduled, it can lessen your moving anxiety. The same applies to a local move in Phoenix. We at Arizona Moving Professionals will help you create your moving timeline. We will tell you when you should start a relocation task and the proper way to execute it. 

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Benefits of expanding your Arizona-based business to LA


 Los Angeles has a reputation as a city of dreams. Many young people would go there to try and get their big break on the big screen. However, now LA has become one of the biggest business centers in the world. The main reason for the business boom in LA is Silicon Valley. So we here at AZ Moving Pros  will tell you about the benefits of expanding your Arizona-based business to LA. 

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Most common injuries during DIY move and how to prevent them

There are plenty of difficulties that folks face during relocation. From broken items and delays in schedules to lack of packing materials, it all can happen on your big moving day. Rarely it happens that a move goes without a hitch. However, these types of challenges and problems shouldn’t be your only concern during your upcoming relocation. When moving on your own it is very important to be aware of the possible injuries. Lifting, packing, and unpacking can be very risky. However, the more you know about the possible injuries, the better you can prevent them. That is why we are sharing with you the most common injuries during DIY move.

The best way to avoid the most common injuries during DIY move

This might sound like obvious advice but we must put it out there. The best way to avoid getting injured during your move is by hiring professional movers. Surely hiring professionals is very pricey, but it is a well worth investment. Naturally, you will save plenty of time and spare yourself from the inevitable stress of your relocation. But, that is not all. Since your movers will be doing the heavy lifting for you, the chances of getting hurt are minimal. If you still haven’t secured reliable and experienced movers for your moving day, you can always contact Verified Movers.

Dad pushing a cute little girl in a cardboard moving box.
Be careful during your relocation, not only because of yourself but because of your entire family.


Most common injuries to watch out for when moving on your own

Of course, moving with the help of professional movers is the best possible way to get the job done. Nevertheless, this type of relocation might not be an option for all. Sometimes our budgets won’t let us hire assistance, while in other instances professional help might not be available when we need it. In any case, your move isn’t destined to fail. However, you will need to roll up your sleeves and get the job done on your own. You will the driving force behind the organization of your move but also with facilitating all the tasks. So, let’s see which injuries you should look out for and what are the best possible ways to prevent them from happening.

Back injuries

Our back is a very important part of our body that is constantly being used. We aren’t even aware of how much we depend on our back during everyday tasks until we injure it and can’t use it. During your move, there is a lot of lifting going on. Some things might be easy to lift, such as small boxes filled with light items. At the same time, moving kitchen appliances and packing them is a different story. Naturally, heavy items are the biggest risk to your back. Yet, lifting small items can also cause back problems if not handles with care.

A man rubbing his back since he sustained one of the most common injuries during his relocation.
Having the proper lifting technique is the best possible way to walk around a back injury.

To avoid such injuries do your best to watch your form at all times. Lift with your legs! Hence, provide power to your body from your knees and leg muscles. Consequently, you will avoid lifting with your back and bending at the waist. This way you will minimize the chance of damaging your back.

Injured hands, toes, and fingers

When talking about the most common injuries during a move, we just cannot neglect to mention hurt fingers, toes, and hands. Even though these injuries might seem small, they are very painful and take a long time to heal. Not to mention they disrupt every single daily activity. During a move people often get distracted, their focus drops and these are the instances when injuries happen the most.

That is why you must be sure to always be on the lookout for dangerous situations where items can be placed or dropped on your hands, fingers, or toes. Also, make sure to communicate well and clearly with other folk participating in your move. While you might be on the lookout for potential injuries they might not be. By clearly communicating you will eliminate many instances where these small, but mighty body parts can get injured.

Scrapes and cuts

There are many things that you must know before your interstate relocation or any other type of move. One of those things is certainly avoiding getting cut or even worse. Sharp edges of boxes and furniture are an invite to a future accident. That is why wearing long layered clothing items is an excellent idea. Especially while carrying items, loading, and unloading the moving vehicles. The more skin you cover, the more protection you will get.

Knee injuries

Along with your back, your knees are in big jeopardy during your move. As we mentioned, they are used for lifting, and there are plenty of chances during your moving day to injure them. Since there is no alternative body part that you can use to spare your knees during your move, you must think outside the box. Look for items that can get the job done instead of your knees. Such objects that can help you slide items instead of carrying them are an excellent solution to this problem. Of course, if you already have bad knees you must be extra careful. A knee brace or a knee pad can be just what the doctor ordered while doing all the heavy lifting.

A leg with Band-Aids placed across the knee.
Those that have bad knees already should be extra careful during their move. The slightest wrong movement can cause a reinjury.

There are other common injuries to look out for during a DIY move

Unfortunately, we were only able to cover with you the most common injuries that are staring you in the face during your relocation. You should also watch out for sprained ankles, muscle strains, dehydration, etc. By now you are aware that lots of things can go wrong during your move. However, keep in mind that you have the power to prevent them. Now that you are well educated on how to avoid unwanted situations during your move, make sure you forward the message to the rest of your moving party. Happy moving!

Guide to the most stressful moving tasks and how to prepare

Moving might seem easy. But in reality, it is quite a stressful process to go through if you are not prepared for it. There are plenty of things that moving requires and there are a lot of steps in the moving process. This is exactly what makes the whole process so overwhelming and stressful. Have in mind that not all tasks are stressful. Some are more than others. So, as a professional moving company, we decided to try and help you out a little bit by writing this guide to some of the most stressful moving tasks and just how you can prepare for them, therefore make them less stressful to handle. These tips can be applied to both a local and a long-distance move as both types can be equally stressful when it comes to these tasks. Continue reading “Guide to the most stressful moving tasks and how to prepare”