What features to look for in storage units Arizona?

When renting a storage unit, you need to know how to choose the right one first. If you live in Arizona or you are moving there, one of the good things is that there are many storage units you can choose from. Some of the most important features to look for in storage units Arizona are listed below.  Continue reading “What features to look for in storage units Arizona?”

The ultimate guide to moving from Kuwait to Arizona

Moving to the United States is a very common goal for many people from all over the world. And a lot of people have been moving from Kuwait to Arizona over the last few years. This is an international relocation and moving internationally is not an easy task. It requires a lot of planning and it can be very stressful. Even if you have moved such long distances before, reading this guide to moving from Kuwait to Arizona won’t hurt. We prepared some tips for you as well that are going to make your international relocation as easy as possible. Continue reading “The ultimate guide to moving from Kuwait to Arizona”

Arizona vs. Nevada – State Comparison

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How to find reliable movers in Arizona?

Are you looking for professional help for Arizona relocation? But, there is one problem – you don’t know how to find reliable movers in Arizona and where to look. Luckily for you, we have some tips that will help you find the best ones you can trust. Avoid moving mistakes and be informed. Let’s not waste time, and start immediately with searching and researching. Even if you are moving in a hurry, you shouldn’t skip this step. It won’t take you too much time, but on the other hand, it will save you a lot of money and nerves. Continue reading “How to find reliable movers in Arizona?”

Moving to Washington DC on a budget

Moving is not such a joyful business and moving to Washington DC on a budget, especially. But sometimes you must move, because of work or for some other reason that cannot be solved differently than by moving. In these hopeless situations, money problems often occur, but you have to move. Make a good plan, especially regarding the financial aspect. This is the best approach to handle the whole situation as well as possible.

Labelled cardboard boxes you will have a lot when moving to Washington DC on a budget.
Prepare packing materials as a part of the necessary preparations to move on a budget.

How to get out of this crisis and end up satisfied

The plan is necessary! What to do? Take the necessary steps:

  • Separate the items that certainly go with you to the new address. This means you have to define three groups for your belongings. Firstly, the aforementioned group of the items you don’t want to part with. Secondly, those which cannot be used anymore. Finally, the group of those possessions you cannon keep, but you still don’t want to throw them away. This last one becomes your biggest problem at the planning stage. Who should you donate them to? Is it a better idea to organize a garage sale? Think about it!
  • Organize your moving to Washington DC during the off-peak season. This way, you will be able to save up to 30%, which is what you aim at when moving on a budget.
  • Find packing supplies you will not have to pay for. If you must buy something, check the “Dollar Store” for your purchase. Here you can find some things that can be quite helpful and they are cheap! Concentrate on the best packing technique and get down to completing this task.
  • See what you can do by yourself. Compare the costs of a moving company and the version where you organize everything, or at least most of it, like packing, renting and driving a van or truck. Don’t let a moving company (if you hire one) disassemble those simple pieces of furniture. Something like IKEA or something like that, and charge you what you can easily do.
  • If you are in a situation where you need to use a suitable space to store your belongings look for it to be with the same company that you will eventually hire to move. In that case, that service could be cheaper.
An illustration of a moving truck with somebody's possessions packed inside.
Moving truck is an inevitable part of the story when it comes to moving, plan that everything can fit at once.

Develop your ideas about moving to Washington DC on a budget but think about consequences

OK! This was just a little guide that can help you develop your ideas on how to get moving to Washington DC on a budget. Each home is different and has its own characteristics and details. These are just rough ideas. They are only there to help you in what direction to think and how to get out of this situation.

Interesting things to know before moving to Arizona

Are you relocating to Arizona soon and almost everything is set? You have organized the move, but there is one thing left to do. Use your free time to explore Arizona. There are many things to know before moving to Arizona, interesting facts, and more serious facts too. You probably did research about the costs of living there, you have found a good school for kids, chosen a house, etc.

Continue reading “Interesting things to know before moving to Arizona”

How to move your plants

House plants are like the lungs’ of each home. It takes time, energy and money to grow them and keep them healthy for a long time. Therefore, when the time comes to move your house, it’s natural that you want to keep your plants, as well. As most of the moving companies avoid relocating items like these because of the risk of damage – it’s up to you to pack your green babies safely and move them yourself.

Check the law if you can move your plants

If you are moving to another state or moving abroad, a lot of rules and laws may be different. That’s why before you plan to move your plants, be sure to check the new state’s guidelines. Often there are specific rules about how you’ll transport the plants, and which plants can cross the state border. Therefore, be sure to inform about these guidelines so you don’t waste your time on packing a plant that can’t go with you.

Decide which plants you’ll bring

As you may already know, transporting plants is often risky and not many plants can survive the trip. Our advice is to pick a couple of your favorites and only bring them to your new home. What to do with the rest? Well, you can give them away and make some of your friends happy.

plants on a shelf
If you can’t move your plants, they can make another home cozy, too

Prepare so you can move your plants

Like when you are moving with your furry friends, it is necessary to take some preparation steps before you pack your plants. First of all, take care of their health. Make sure you repot them in plastic pots and check if there are any health conditions or bugs you should treat before you go. Furthermore, be sure to water them regularly, but avoid it on the moving day. You want the soil to be moist and not dripping wet.

Pack your plants properly

When you decide to move your plants, it’s important to take your time when packing them. Properly packed plants will have more chances to survive the trip and be nice and healthy in your new home or office. First of all, you’ ll need to gather all the necessary supplies – plastic pots, plastic bags, packing paper, tape, moving boxes, scissors and a pen. Next, wrap each pot with a plastic bag, and tie it around the plant’s base, so the soil stays inside. Wrap the whole plant in some packing paper, to protect the leaves. Put all the plants in moving boxes carefully, and fill the extra space with some paper. Don’t forget to make small holes on the boxes to keep the airflow, and also label the boxes clearly.

potting plants so it's possible to move your plants
When you need to move your plants it’s best to repot them in lightweight pots that can’t break easily

Extra tip: If you have many other things to pack and move, be sure to check with a professional moving company like You won’t need to worry about the safety of your items and the quick and easy relocation of your home or office.

Travel safe

Once you’re all packed, it’s time to hit the road. It’s best to move your plants by keeping them on the floor in the back seat, so they don’t fall and break. Also, be sure to control the temperature and let the fresh air in. And most importantly, don’t leave your car in the sun for too long when you are taking breaks. All these tips will for sure help you move your plants easily and make your new home nice and cozy.

Moving with your furry friends – what to know?

Moving is stressful, there is no doubt. But when you have to move with your furry friends, things can become even more complicated. Traveling with cats and dogs is not that easy, especially if you are planning to move to another city or state. Simply, you have to take care of another life who does not really understand what is going on. Let us be honest, cats and dogs love their comfort zones, and when they have to move to a completely new environment, they get shocked. Luckily, there are many things you can do to ease this transition when moving with your furry friends. Keep on reading to find out more.

Make Sure That Your New Place is Pet-Friendly

It goes without saying that before moving with your furry friends, you have to check all the pet laws and regulations in our new neighborhood. Some buildings do not allow pets at all, and some landlords and homeowners have specific and very strict regulations. Sometimes, those regulations will not suit you nor your pet. Sometimes, just a few additional vaccinations are necessary, but sometimes you will ask yourself is it really worth it to go through all that possible trouble. So, you know what to do, research your new place in detail. See if you and your furry friend can actually live there comfortably. You can talk to the landlord or to the local animal control facility. That should give you all the answers.

'No dogs allowed' sign
You must make sure that your new home is pet-friendly. Otherwise, you will all be in a lot of trouble.

Make Sure That Your New Place Has a Lot of Green Surfaces.

Another thing that you have to check before moving with your furry friends, is whether the new space is suitable for them. So, if you are planning to live in an apartment, you have to make sure that there are some park nearby. It does not have to be a park actually, but any green surface, like a river bank, forest, beach, some kind of open playing area or similar. You can not expect your dog to be happy being inside all day long. Moreover, if you plan to live in a house, you have to make sure that the yard is fenced. In that way, your dog can spend its days running around while you are at work. And, when it comes to cats, there is not as much work as with dogs. They will be happy even with a balcony. Just check whether there are any aggressive animals nearby.

Cat and dog playing - moving with your furry friends
When moving with your furry friends, make sure to find a house with a fenced yard, or to live close to some parks or other green surfaces.

Talk With Your Vet

If you have a lot of problems when moving with your furry friends, that is, if you already know that your pet dislikes traveling, talk to your vet. Maybe he or she will give you some great advice on behavior modification techniques. Also, you can ask the vet to give you some medications for your cat or dog, to help them have a less stressful moving experience. Moreover, if your pet is not microchipped, you must do that before moving. If pets get shocked or scared of the new place, they might run away. If they have a microchip, you can easily find them. Also, make sure that you get a copy of your pet’s medical records before the moving day. And, last but certainly not the least, do some researching on all available vets and pet hospitals close to your current home. Try to get some recommendations. Vets can give you the best tips and tricks when it comes to moving with pets.

Transporting Your Pet

Basically, you have two options. To drive or fly. And, it all depends on the distance. If you are moving locally, of course, driving is the best option. However, if we are talking about long distance relocation, then, you must transport your pet with a plane. But here is something you need to know before you start moving with your furry friends by plane or car:

  • Moving by plane – as previously mentioned, this is only for long distance relocation that is, moving overseas. Bear in mind that flying pets by plane is not as easy as with people. Each airline company has its own pet policy. Rules may vary. However, a general rule is that small dogs and cats can be placed in a carrier under your seat. Usually, the fee for that is between $100 – $150 one way. Larger dogs must fly in a cargo area of the plane. The fee for that is a lot higher, and there are far more limitations. Moreover, bear in mind that you must not medicate your cats and dogs during flying as tranquilizers are the biggest cause of death when shipping pets.
  • Moving by car – Moving with your furry friends by car is a lot cheaper by still, a very complicated process. You will have to stop all the time for bathroom breaks and zoomies. You also need to buy pet traveling equipment like a restraint harness, extra toys, no-spill water and food bowl and a seat cover.
Couple and a dog in a car
If your furry friends have some health issues, it would be best to stay away from flying. A car ride will be more comfortable for them.

Stick to Routine

Another thing to bear in mind when moving with your furry friends is that they love routine. Keeping things normal and as they were back at home is of key importance. So, try to have walks as you did before. Keep timing the same. If possible try to bring some of their favorite food with you. It can be really helpful when trying to settle in. Also, do not forget to bring your pets’ favorite toys, balls, and blankets. If your cat had a piece of furniture, bring that as well.

Junk removal 101

When you think of a nice home you will usually think of a nice clean home without any junk. Well, it is not always easy to keep a home that way. But it is very important to get rid of the junk. Junk removal is a very important thing. It will keep your home nice and it will protect your health. Removing junk is especially important during a relocation. This is because junk will make you unorganized. When you relocate you need to be organized in order to avoid any stress. This is why we have gathered information on junk removal. We know it can get hard and stressful to get rid of junk, especially in all the chaos that comes with relocation. But if you get rid of the things you do not need any more you will make that relocation much easier.

Get rid of the garbage

The first part of junk removal is getting rid of the garbage. When you let the garbage pile on you will have a higher risk for your health. Health is the most important thing you have. This is why you should get rid of your garbage as soon as you can. You can throw it away in regular garbage containers, but we advise you to recycle it. This will make our environment a little bit cleaner. It is very important to recycle your garbage. Use cheap dumpsters when you want to recycle your garbage to save money.

recycle sign Junk removal
Recycle to make the world a better place

Identify the junk

You might get confused and throw away something important while you are in a process of junk removal. This is why before you throw away any junk you should first be sure you want to throw this away. There are many ways you can do this. The most efficient way id to make two piles. The first pile is the pile you will keep. These are all the things you will keep in your home, or move to your new home. The other pile is they don’t keep pile. In this pile, you will keep your junk. Once you made these two piles you will be ready to remove the junk from your home. If you need help with junk removal you can always hire Grunts Move Junk and Moving Massachusetts to help you out.

The “keep pile”

When you want to remove junk you might get rid of something you actually need. This is why you need some time to organize. The keep pile will help you avoid any loss of items while you remove junk. If you avoid making this pile you face a risk of throwing something that is important to you. You might have to pay for a replacement. If you are moving this will waste you a lot of time and money. You do not want to have more moving stress so be sure you have a keep pile. Once this pile is made you will also get rid of the this that you do not need in your new home anymore. This will lower the cost of your relocation, and it will help you unpack quickly. This is why downsizing is one of the things to remember when moving.

You need to make sure you do not throw away something you still need

The “don’t keep pile”

This is the pile of this you do not need anymore. Here you will place all the junk. This might be just something broken or something that is just trash. But also do not forget that you might need to get rid of some things you might not instantly consider as trash. If you are moving to a smaller apartment you will have to downsize. In these occasions, you will have to carefully get rid of the things you do not need anymore. These things might be your old clothes, some appliances you do not need anymore etc. Once you figure out what the items you do not need any more are there are many ways you can get rid of them. If they are not usable anymore just recycle them. If they are still usable but you do not want them anymore, you can always sell them or donate.

You might not find some things useful anymore, but that does not mean someone else can’t find a use for them

The benefits of junk removal

When you think of junk removal you might forget its importance. Well, it is a very important step in living in a nice home or a relocation to a new home. If you do not remove all the junk your relocation will be much harder. You will not be able to get organized. If you are not organized while you relocate you will get much more stress. This is why you need to be serious about junk removal. If you do not take this seriously you might also pack something you do not need anymore. This might increase the relocation costs. If you are moving to a smaller home you might actually have too many things which will make unpacking very hard. 

After the junk removal, your home will be clean and it will look nice


Junk removal is very important for everyone. It will improve the quality of your life. It will also help you relocate. People who hoard their junk will have much worse health. If they try to relocate they will have a much harder time. This is why you need to remove all the junk you do not need anymore. That will make your relocation much easier. This is because you will have much fewer things you do not need anymore to pack. You will also know where all your things are since your home will be much more organized. We wish this article has helped you remove all the junk you do not need anymore.