Rural Arizona vs rural California – living costs compared

Most families nowadays are choosing to live outside of the big city crowds. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. When you think about it – it’s only natural. Overpopulation, violence, fear of being alone on the street at night – are just why individuals choose rural environment over metropolitan life. Of course, this is a very pessimistic and non-objective way to look at big cities. Most of them are not that scary, and folks love the countryside regardless of it being opposed to urban settlements. So, let’s cut to the chase. What’s going on here? In the article below, we’ll try to pinpoint some differences between rural Arizona and rural California. It’s a rural Arizona vs rural California battle time. We’ll stay focused on the living costs, but we may hit some other areas also, so don’t expect only boring finance talk. Stay tuned. Continue reading “Rural Arizona vs rural California – living costs compared”

New Yorkers’ guide to buying a property in rural Arizona

There is this new trend of this “countryside migration” among New Yorkers. To help you make up your mind, we`ve compiled a list of reasons which will for sure determine you to consider buying a property in rural Arizona, in case you don`t own one already.

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Top 5 cities in Arizona for young professionals

The state of Arizona has to offer much more than the picturesque landscape. The growing economy, reasonably low cost of living and many days of sunshine make moving to Arizona a great decision for young professionals. But, choosing a place to live might be the most difficult part. So, here are the top 5 cities in Arizona for young professionals.  Continue reading “Top 5 cities in Arizona for young professionals”

Why are Arizona millennials relocating to Memphis?

Arizona is an amazing state. There are plenty of beautiful little towns to move to and live an amazing life, working a good job. There are a lot of things that make it one of the best places to live in. But Arizona millennials think otherwise. You can’t blame them, there are plenty of other great states and cities in the country. Experiencing as much as possible is never a bad idea as well as getting familiar with new places and new people. This is why a lot of young people not only from Arizona but from other states as well are moving to cities across the country. And one of the cities, where Arizona millennials are moving to, is Memphis, TN. There are plenty of reasons for this and here is where you can read why relocating to Memphis is so popular among young people of Arizona. Continue reading “Why are Arizona millennials relocating to Memphis?”

Moving from Washington to Arizona – Here’s what you should have in mind

Washington and Arizona are similarly populated states, raking 13th and 14th, respectively. Both states have a lot of other similarities, but also their differences. When you are considering moving from Washington to Arizona it means that you are considering moving from one border state to another, across the entire country. That might seem like a big and brave move, but it could also be a great chance. You would have to focus your attention on this move, plan it correctly, and there would be no problems. This article is here to provide you with the info and the help you might need. Continue reading “Moving from Washington to Arizona – Here’s what you should have in mind”

Things you shouldn’t forget when moving from Texas to Arizona

It goes without saying that moving is time, energy, and money-consuming process. On top of that, it is also a process that makes us feel stressed and anxious. No wonder people keep forgetting to do certain things and end up having a lot of problems when moving, in this case, from Arizona to Texas. Luckily, there is a way to avoid forgetting. All you have to do is create a moving calendar and a checklist ahead of time, and of course, follow it. Do not worry, doing this is easier than it sounds and be sure that it will make your Arizona relocation a lot simpler. We are also here to help you out. Thus, if you are interested in what things you shouldn’t forget when moving from Texas to Arizona, keep on reading. Continue reading “Things you shouldn’t forget when moving from Texas to Arizona”

Is now a good time to move to a bigger office? – Arizona edition

It is never a bad time to move to a bigger office in Arizona. We are joking, of course, it all depends on the cost of the real estate and on your business’s needs. But you need to do it now, right? Well, this year might be perfect for a move to a bigger office. However, you still need to be careful. Let’s dwell on this topic some more. Continue reading “Is now a good time to move to a bigger office? – Arizona edition”

University of Arizona VS University of Colorado – which one should you choose

Choosing the right University is an important decision. Many freshmen are contemplating the same question each year. There are certain rankings and scales that measure Universities and provide relevant information to help with making these kinds of decisions. If you plan to move to Arizona or Colorado for your studies you should check out these rankings to help you decide. However, at the moment both universities are ranking in the first 40 spots of the World University ranking list. But how to decide between the two? This and other lists like this are not the only relevant sources of information. Additionally, they take only certain criteria into account. So, let’s take a look and compare the University of Arizona VS University of Colorado to get a clearer picture. Continue reading “University of Arizona VS University of Colorado – which one should you choose”

Experience of New Yorkers who retired to Arizona

Arizona is a very popular retirement destination. If you think about it what is not to love? Perfect weather, warm winters and the desert sunset is all you require for your retirement enjoyment and relaxation. Many tend to flock there from Canada, the US – from New York, Jersey, even California, and Florida. There is so much to taste and enjoy in Arizona. let’s find out about the experience of New Yorkers who retired to Arizona. Find out the Arizona retirement potential.

Retiring in Arizona

canyon in Arizona
Many New Yorkers retiring to Arizona say that nature and wide expanses are the best

Arizona is currently in the top 10 favorite retirement locations. Apart from it perfect weather, there are numerous reasons to retire there. The statistics show that its population increases more than 300.000 during the winter months. This is easily explained by the weather, but why is 17% of its population currently over the age of 65? What is it that draws people in? There are a lot of positive retirement experiences tied to retiring in Arizona. Even New Yorkers testify to their experiences concerning retiring to Arizona.

So, what would be the predominant experiences drawing New Yorkers and others to retire to Arizona:

  • Social aspect, diversity,
  • Healthcare,
  • Weather,
  • Retirement locations,
  • Financial factors,
  • Adventure Opportunities.

Social factors

As Arizona’s population is growing so are the social aspects of living there developing. Arizona is one of the top states with an increase of inbound movers. Many of the are using the services of to get there in a hurry. Moving in means to face the diversity of the state and get new social experiences. First of all, Arizona has over 20 native American tribes. Secondly, it has a large Mexican population and a predominantly Spanish speaking population.

senior couple holding their grand kids
Social aspect that senior communities offer is a great magnet to people retiring to Arizona

As far as retirement goes the state has a long history and a large number of retirement communities. Over 100 communities exist across the state. These communities are well developed offering a wide of activities for seniors. This creates a great atmosphere for socializing and widening your social circle.


Healthcare has been developing in Arizona for a long time. With so many seniors and retirees, the state had to invest in the healthcare system. Some of the top-ranked hospitals in the US are stationed in Arizona. Major cities offer top-notch healthcare and the axes to world-class hospitals.


The best selling point for retirees is the weather in Arizona. Its dry heat in the desert sun with no humidity whatsoever. Its winter temperatures are close to the temperatures that other states experience during summers. Retirees from all over the US are experiencing and enjoying over 300 days of sunshine a year. The beautiful Arizona climate draws in the majority of seniors. However, the northern part of the state has a more moderate climate and experiences all four seasons during the year.

Retirement locations

Person playing golf
Arizona offers an active retirement opportunity

Arizona is not all desert. The state has a number of great cities with developed retirement communities to research. These cities are at the same time completely different in every aspect. Predominantly the differences stem from the weather and local climate conditions. For example, the experience of New Yorkers who retired in Arizona is great moderate weather in the Lake Havasu area. Smaller towns like Payson on the other hand offer great cool climate as opposed to the rest of the State.

Financial factors

One of the main factors for retirement in Arizona is finances. The state offers great tax breaks that other states don’t. Social security income, gift, estate, and inheritance tax do not exist in Arizona. This makes it a lot easier for most of the seniors to save money while living off their savings. At the same time it’s worth noting that private pensions are fully taxed by the state.

At the same time moving and retiring in Arizona on a budget is easy. The cost of living is low. Retiring in the majority of communities is all-inclusive. Many communities offer a wide range of services and amenities calculated in the price. With all services included most of the retirees are able to cope with the expenses as opposed to living on their own.

At the same time, many of the services are paid only if they are used. As such many retirees can pick the range of amenities they want to use to fit their lifestyle and be within their budget.

Adventure Opportunities

In Arizona, there is no shortage of the things you can do. The state seems to be made for adventure. From skying to off-roading and fishing the state has it all. You can pay a visit to the Grand Canyon or any of the many national parks in the area. Seniors have a discount for the visitations and can enjoy the great outdoors at their leisure. Baseball fans can enjoy over 15 teams competing in the cactus league. In addition, Arizona has some of the best golf courses. Seniors can enjoy and experience golfing in over 300 golf courses.

So, retiring in Arizona can be great. With so much to do your retirement will be full of new experiences. The low cost of living and tax-related savings will make your income last longer. At the same time you an exploit perfect weather and enjoy your retirement days outside in nature. Do some research to find more reasons why Arizona is at the top 3 states to move to.

Silhouettes of people fishing
Many seniors find peace and quiet in fishing in Arizona

Moving to Arizona can make your retirement much more enjoyable. You can consult other sources stating the experiences of New Yorkers who retired to Arizona lately. It will make you want to organize your huge relocation with ease and be sure of your decision.

If you need more info on retirement to Arizona make sure to research more. Arizona will keep sparking your interest and drawing you in.

Expanding your Seattle-based business to Arizona

Living and working in Seattle is a great opportunity. This city has a population of over 744,000. It means that there are a lot of opportunities and you can definitely upgrade your business. But, if you are thinking about expanding your Seattle-based business to Arizona, do not think twice! You can be absolutely sure that this is a great chance. Moving your business to any city in Arizona is a great chance to expand your business and to start something new. However, you have to know how to do it properly. In the following lines of the article, we are going to present to you some useful tips. Continue reading “Expanding your Seattle-based business to Arizona”