Storing holiday decorations: pro tips

Perhaps everyone’s favorite part of the year is the holiday season. Christmas eve. Christmas morning and presents under the decorated tree. Then there’s the New Year, with its unique charm. The one thing that connects all of that is decorations. Lights, outdoor and indoor. Decorations – on the roof, on the floor, on the tree. Starting with the ones that you made from scratch when you were a kid (you know those macaroni and paper decorations) and to the shiny expensive ones. But once the euphoria and the holidays season are over, one question pops up. What to do with all the decorations you won’t need until the next occasion? That’s why we came up with some suggestions on how to do it the best way possible. And no, you don’t have to buy some extra space. We present to you – Storing holiday decorations: pro tips.

You’re sleigh-in’ it

Packaging can easily turn into complete chaos, especially if you have lost or destroyed the original packaging in which the decorations were purchased. The nervousness that’s caused by intricate lamps and strings of beads, broken precious ornaments, wrapping paper all around. No matter how hard and endless it may seem, it can be easily avoided, with just a few tips and tricks for storing them. Storing holiday decorations can indeed be fun. And you can involve your whole family to help. Your kids may find it amusing and feel important to have their role in the process.

Christmas balls packed in the box as a sample of storing holiday decorations tips
Protect the fragile ornaments.

Storing holiday decorations: pro tips

The moment is approaching when we need to take off the colorful and bright decoration and put away numerous ornaments, lamps, beads, and of course the Christmas tree, in a safe place until the next New Year and Christmas holidays. Prepare enough packing material, cause you’re probably gonna need it. And follow our tips, and you’ll be done in no time.

Sort the decorations

If you decide to keep your ornaments in the same box, make sure to separate them by color or shape. You can use plastic bags for this, and save yourself some time if you want to decorate your tree in one color next year. It also gives you a better look into the ornaments you own.

Protect the tree

Use an old sheet or cut a piece of linen big enough to protect your tree from dust and breakage till the next use. The other solution is to wrap your tree in nylon or self-adhesive foil, which you’ll cut through with scissors next year.

Dispose of the delicate ornaments

Delicate glass ornaments and other fragile decorations are best hung and stored in tight packaging with a lid. You can also use cardboard egg packaging – that way each ornament will have its own solid support. Or make a DIY one using a plain cardboard box with compartments that you can make yourself.

Separate the pearls from other decoration

The problem is often caused by long rows of decorative beads, which tend to tangle around other New Year’s decorations if they are placed in the same box. That is why it is best to store them separately, in a plastic bottle with a cap.

Macro view of the lights hangin from the ceiling.
Make sure that the lamps don’t tangle!

Put away the lamps neatly

How many times have you struggled with a tangled cable from New Year’s lights? You will save yourself some time and nerves if you wrap the cable around a piece of cardboard. And if you have more of them, arrange the lamps neatly in a suitable box. You can also write a handy reminder on the card, for example, where do you use which lamps or if a color does not work.

Ho-Ho-Ho, there you go

See? It’s not that scary as it may seem in the beginning. If you just follow our storing holiday decorations tips, you’ll see that cleaning up after your favorite season can be a real joy. And you can always ask for help with packing hacks from the professionals.  Now go and pour yourself some hot chocolate and keep the holiday spirit even after the tree is gone.