Simple Ways to Add Christmas Curb Appeal

Everyone’s favorite time of the year is steadily approaching. This season is great for many reasons, including that it’s favorable for those looking to sell their homes. However, before the jingle bells start jingling and Santa makes his way down your chimney, some things need sorting out. A great way to amp up the chances of selling your home quickly and for a great price is to add Christmas curb appeal. Not only will this make it look more attractive and welcoming, but it’ll make it feel more homey and appropriate for families.

Set a budget

Before we dig into different ideas to add Christmas curb appeal to your home, you need to be honest with yourself about your budget. Knowing your limits and how much you’re willing to invest will be crucial for every subsequent decision you make. Since it’s very easy to unintentionally go overboard once you start shopping for holiday decorations, you need to be careful with your spending. A great way to keep yourself accountable and stick to the plans you’ve made is to include someone else in this project.

Classics are there for a reason

Before you go all out and purchase the most modern and unique decorations, think twice. Classics are classic for a good reason. Especially when it comes to curb appeal, people like to see something traditional, familiar, and solid. It’ll make your home feel more comfortable. A great thing about traditional decorations is that you probably already have plenty of them:

  • Santa Clause
    Nothing says Christmas like Santa. Especially if your target clientele is families, this will be a huge hit with the kids.
  • Fake snow
    Depending on where you live, chances are that you won’t be able to rely on real snow to make your front porch look even more magical. Worry not. You can purchase snow in many different forms and create a winter fairytale in no time.
  • Mistletoe
    Creating memories and fun moments is a great way to make people remember your home and keep it in mind. Setting up a mistletoe where couples will get to have a sweet moment is a real seller.
A mistletoe that you can hang on your front porch and add some Christmas curb appeal.
Adding Christmas curb appeal is a great way to sell your home faster. Start with some classics.

Light it up

If there’s something that you mustn’t miss and that’ll surely add Christmas curb appeal to your home, it’s lights. What’s more, it’s a really easy way to make your house festive, and it doesn’t cost much. Even if you’re not that great at decorating and making your home look presentable, you’ll most likely do a great job. The only thing you need to make sure of is that you don’t purchase different lights that clash with each other. Additionally, you can get some neon signs with different writings and Christmas-related figurines.

Decorate a Christmas tree outside

If you’re looking to sell the festive spirit, you can’t do so without a tree. Although you’ve probably already decorated a tree inside, consider getting an additional one. It’s essential for staging your home in winter. However, there might be a way around this. If you already have trees in your front yard, no matter what kind, you can decorate them. It may not be the same, but it gives off a similar feel.

Welcoming gifts are always great

Even though this is by no means expected of you, you could arrange small tokens of appreciation for the potential buyers that come to your home. These don’t need to be anything expensive or extravagant. You could make cute packets with Christmas-themed cookies or candy and give them out as people are leaving the home. This way, they’ll be reminded of your home far after they’ve left the premises.

A box of chocolates that you can serve at an open house.
Giving small tokens of appreciation to your potential buyers is a sure way to make them remember you.

Don’t overdo it

Most people think of colorful and vibrant decorations when they think of Christmas. However, make sure not to go too far. Try to go for elegant simplicity. Once you include lights, trees, snow, and some classic red decorative pieces, you’re nearly there. You could leave it at that or add a few more pieces that you like. The rest would simply be excessive.

Store anything that doesn’t belong

If you already have a decorated front porch regardless of the season, think about removing some of your staples while you decorate for winter. To achieve curb appeal, your home should look cohesive and put together. If you don’t have space to keep these unneeded items, rent out a storage unit. You can find some favorable options on websites like that will completely suit your specific needs.

Show your mailbox and welcome mat some love

Items like a mailbox or a welcome mat are something that we all own. Why not dress them up as well? Decorating these items, albeit untypical, will leave a certain impression. Purchasing a red welcome mat and arranging lights around your mailbox will take no time at all.

Go the extra mile

If you’re willing to go the extra mile, there are also some small things that you can do to make this process even more special for potential buyers. A great way to make your home stand out is to activate other senses too.

  • Reminiscing with traditional flavors
    You could bake your favorite cookies for the upcoming holidays and serve them to people on the open day.
  • Get some BublĂ© on the stereo
    Play some Christmas music to make your home even more festive and cheerful.
  • Nothing beats the smell of Christmas
    Aside from baking cookies, you can also make a hot chocolate with marshmallows or light up some Christmas-scented candles (cinnamon and gingerbread are great choices).
Christmas scented candles that you can display to make your open house even more appealing.
If you’re willing to go the extra mile, light some scented candles that are reminiscent of Christmas.

Add Christmas curb appeal by relying on your taste

For the most part, you should add Christmas curb appeal by hanging up universal and traditional decorations since that’ll appeal to a larger audience. However, if just for the sake of it, you should let your taste shine a bit. Even if it’s just through some smaller details, these things will make your home shine in the sea of similar ones.