Shipping heavy equipment from Saudi Arabia to USA

Are you shipping heavy equipment from Saudi Arabia to USA any time soon, but you don’t know where to start and how to properly prepare and pack items for shipping overseas? We have some simple tips that will help you transport your large and heavy items from KSA to the USA, safely and easily.

The process is not simple and fast but with the right organization and help, you will understand how it works and what steps to take. If moving overseas for the first time, you will definitely need a guide to follow.

Shipping heavy equipment from Saudi Arabia to USA in shipping containers.
Before you ship your heavy items, be fully prepared and get familiar with the shipping process

Shipping heavy equipment from Saudi Arabia to USA

When packing bulky items for overseas shipping, it requires more attention and more materials. To pack it properly you will need some tips and tricks, especially if you are shipping for the first time. Packaging must be stronger because it will be moved by forklift. Also, your carrier will refuse to accept items that won’t “survive” shipping overseas. Before you start to calculate the costs of shipping from the Middle East to the USA, keep in mind that some items are forbidden for importing and exporting.

A moving box.
You must pack your equipment properly and pay more attention because it is heavy and it will be shipped overseas

Packing tips for shipping heavy items overseas

To avoid shipping problems of getting dropped, humidity and temperature changes, or being subjected to vibration, take these steps.

  • Ship on a proper pallet and secure goods to the wooden or plastic pallet. Shipments cannot exceed the weight restrictions of the pallet when shipping heavy equipment from Saudi Arabia to USA. You can ship all types of goods worldwide from Jeddah but only if items are packed properly and you have all the documents. 
  • Choose durable packaging such as new corrugated cartons that are sealed securely. Don’t use used boxes because they are not firm enough. Inside of a box put an extra level of protection, on the bottom, sides and the top.
  • Wrap and cushion all the items you are shipping and place heavy items in the center of the box. Around them, add an air pillow and fill all the empty space in the box. Don’t use packing paper because it will be compressed.
  • Add another box because the items you are shipping overseas are heavy. The difference between the two boxes should be about 2 inches, and fill that empty space with more air-pillows.
  • Use water-activated tape to seal the box, don’t use regular tape. The best tape for very heavy items is fiber-glass reinforced water-activated tape.
  • Don’t make a box too heavy and don’t overpack it. If the item you need to ship is heavy, don’t pack it with another heavy item in the same box.
  • In the end, shake a box and see if something is moving inside. Keep in mind that your goods will be carried a lot and that they will need to survive shipping that can last a couple of weeks.

Hiring an international moving and logistics company

For shipping heavy equipment from Saudi Arabia to USA, you will need to start research international moving companies that are able to handle your shipment. Without a shipping company, shipping is not possible. If you are moving from KSA to the USA, moving company is essential.

One of these international moving and logistics companies are Four Winds SA. Check the company’s license, insurance, experience, read online moving reviews, and trust your gut. If you are owning a business and you need to ship items on a regular basis, don’t change a company if you are satisfied with the service.

A globe.
For moving to another continent, an experienced company is the key

Get a quote

Costs are one of the major concerns when shipping heavy items from Saudi Arabia to USA. Get an accurate quote from a couple of couriers, but don’t choose the cheaper option because it may not be safe. Also, choosing the most expensive option is not necessary.

Shipping heavy equipment from Saudi Arabia to USA in shipping containers.
Costs will depend mostly on the type of shipping, distance, and weight of your items

Shipping your car from KSA to the USA

Another thing that can be shipped overseas is a vehicle. The car you are shipping must be safe (according to the USA standards). Also, pay attention to how old your car is because rules and regulations are different for older cars. If it is older than 25 it requires additional paperwork. If your car has less than 25 and it has FMVSS certification, you can import it to the USA without any changes and car upgrades.

Before you transport your car, clean it inside and outside because dirt may damage your car. Also, remove all the personal items inside and when it is done, take a photo as proof (if something is damaged after the shipping, the insurance will cover it).

The costs will mostly depend on the distance and type of shipping. Roll on roll shipping is a cheaper option. Container shipping is more expensive, but on the other hand, it has more benefits. Also, don’t forget the duties and taxes (duty is about 2.5% of the value of the car).


When shipping heavy equipment from Saudi Arabia to USA, it may be intimidating, but after you learn how the process work, and you have a reliable international moving and logistic company on your side, the entire process will be less stressful. Either you are moving from KSA to the US or it is part of your business to ship goods overseas.