Shed-buying tips for homeowners

Having a home usually also means having a garden or just a backyard. And this means you have a lot of tools that you need in order to maintain your backyard. If you keep all these items in your garage, you’ll have a very messy garage full of things. And this is not what you want. That is what sheds are for. Having a shed means making some extra storing space in your garage as well as having a much better-looking garage. And if this is exactly what you need, buying a shed is a great idea. But as someone who has never owned a shed, you might need some shed-buying tips. These tips are going to help you buy the perfect shed for your home that is going to fulfill all your needs.

How much does a shed cost?

Before we actually give you some shed-buying tips, you might want to know how much a decent shed can actually cost you. The prices are going to vary from place to place but we have some information that might be helpful. If you are looking for a shed that meets a high-quality specification, you need to be ready to spend a larger amount of money. Especially if you are looking for a shed of a larger size. A good-quality shed can cost you around $2,700. If your budget isn’t this big, you’ll be able to find a shed for under $2,000. But the quality won’t be as great. And the quality is actually very important but this is something we will elaborate more later in the text.

A look at a wallet through a magnifying glass.
Be prepared to spend some extra cash for a good-quality shed.

If you want to save some money on a shed, you can try and build one on your own. But you need to have in mind that unless you are a professional, this might not turn out as good as you planned it to. Even if you get all the good quality supplies, you might not have all the skills that are needed in order to build a good shed that is going to last a long time. You could only end up creating a much larger expense for yourself. The worst thing that could happen is that you could get hurt while building a shed on your own. This is why we believe that it is much better to save some money and buy one than to build one on your own.

Shed-buying tips

1. Size matters

One of the first shed-buying tips we have for you is that you must have in mind that the size of the shed matters. And it matters for plenty of reasons. The first reason to carefully consider the size of your shed is because of how much storing space you need. If you have plenty of things that you want to store in your shed, you need a bigger shed. Your shed should always be tidy and you must always be able to easily take whatever you need from it. Having a small shed that is packed and messy is nothing but a bad idea. If you end up moving on short notice, this shed could take you forever to pack.

Figure out just how many things you are going to keep inside of the shed before actually buying one.

But what if having a bigger shed means losing a lot of your backyard space? This is also something you must have in mind. If you have a smaller backyard, getting a large shed isn’t such a good plan. You’ll end up with an even smaller backyard. That is when having a small shed is a much better idea. But that is when you will have to do your best not to make your shed messy by storing plenty of things inside. You’ll need to find a solution.

2. The number of shelves

The solution to having a small shed would be having a lot of shelves inside of your shed. Using as much wall space as possible is very important when it comes to having a small shed. That is why when you are purchasing a shed, you need to look for one where the shelves are placed in a way that you can add more shelves if necessary. Look for some shed organization tips.

Using the roof space is also important. Look for a shed that is taller than it is wider. This way you will be able to build more shelves as well as use the under-the-roof space for hanging some things. A lot of people install hooks where they hang things that aren’t very heavy but they take up space such as brooms, buckets, etc. But have in mind that you don’t need everything you own. Declutter your things before storing them in a shed. Organize a yard sale if you don’t want to throw everything away.

Messy shed.
Get rid of unnecessary items.

3. Materials used

One of the shed-buying tips we can’t forget to mention is that you must pay attention to the materials that were used. You want a good-quality shed. After all, this is where you will be keeping the things that you need. And as the shed will be outside, it is very important that it is durable. Having a shed that is made from poor materials can be risky. If it rains and the roof isn’t good, everything inside will be wet. And why would you need a shed that provides no protection to your items? This would be the same as just keeping everything outside.

A lot of the time, people’s belongings were ruined because of low-quality sheds and materials used. As you don’t want this to happen to you, you need to make sure that everything is made nicely. A leaking roof is one of the most common problems. Having a good roof on a shed is as important as having a good roof on your house. Having good floors is also important. You don’t want any pests coming inside or mold from the wet ground.