Pro packing tips to try when moving from Arizona to Idaho

Moving long-distance is a big change in life. Packing is a moving task that takes most of the time when moving and you cannot avoid it. If you are moving from state to state, in this case moving from Arizona to Idaho, you should know how to pack properly. With simple packing tips, you will be able to move all the items without any damage.

How to pack when moving from Arizona to Idaho?

How to pack clothes for an interstate relocation, how to pack fragile items, art, electronics, what can you move to Idaho? There are plenty of questions that need to be answered, so join us as we do it.

Gather all the valuable info

It is not the same when you are packing for a local relocation and when you are packing for a long-distance relocation. Keep in mind that items will travel longer and there are bigger chances for damages. This is why you need to pay extra attention to packing when moving out of state.

A mover in front of a white van
Ask for help when packing – friends or professional help

Before moving to Idaho, have all the information about moving there and organizing a relocation. This way you will be organized and interstate relocation will be successful. First, learn how to pack if you will pack without professional moving assistance.

Declutter before packing

Don’t waste your time and money by packing items you don’t need or want anymore. Declutter before packing and get rid of all unwanted items. You can sell, donate or toss them. You don’t have to throw away all the items. You can make some money or do a nice thing and donate to charity.


Pack items in categories. One box shouldn’t have kitchen appliances and living-room decorations, for instance. You need to pack all your things, and it is better when moving boxes are organized.

Give yourself plenty of time

Don’t start to pack moving boxes at the last moment. In a hurry, you will forget a lot of things to pack. Usually, when moving to another state, people need about 1 month to pack the entire house. Packing can be emotional too, and it is hard for people. To have organized boxes, labeling them and what is inside.

Collect enough packing supplies

Packing cannot be done without packing supplies such as moving boxes, air bubble foil, moving blankets, packing peanuts, bags, tape, and markers. Moving boxes you can buy or ask friends if they have them, or get them for free in supermarkets, local shops, or restaurants. But for fragile items, you should better use new and firm boxes.

a person labeling a box
Moving supplies and labels are important when packing

Don’t overload

Putting too many items in one box will make them too heavy and you won’t be able to lift them and it will damage a box. Know how to maximize space in moving boxes but still pack items safely.

Pack essential moving box

It is important to have a box that will contain all the essentials you may need during the moving and immediately after moving in. You can pack toiletries for a long-distance relocation there, snacks, toiletries, some clothes, linens, water, etc.

Or hire professional packers

You can skip all those steps and pack faster if you hire professional packers in Arizona. When moving from Arizona to Idaho all moving boxes must be properly packed to avoid damages. If you do not have time or you don’t you how to pack, there is always another option. Choose, do you want to pack by yourself or do you want a company to help you out?

How to transport your household items from AZ to ID?

Leaving Arizona for another state requires preparation and good organization. One of the main concerns people have is how to transport all those moving boxes from Arizona to Idaho? One of the safest and easiest solutions is to hire a professional moving company that is reliable and reputable. Research movers from Idaho and choose the best one for your needs and in your price range. But, all of them have similar prices.

If you find a company that is too cheap, you should check them twice or if they ask for a large deposit in advance. According to Peasley Transfer & Storage, before you consider hiring a moving crew, always verify the company before signing a contract with them. Better be safe than sorry. All your household items will be in their hands, therefore you want a company with experience and knowledge.

A mover carries one end of a sofa
Moving help is always welcome.

Hire local Idaho movers

Being a newcomer is not easy in the beginning. You need to explore the environment, adjust to new life, meet other people, etc. After finding a home in Idaho for you and your family if you are moving together, it is time to settle in. How to move in? In most cases, when relocating from state to state, people rent a storage unit for their household items until they find a place where to live. Local moving experts can always jump in to help you move in because they already know this area. It is very useful to have a helping hand when you are new in town.

Ask for help settling in

Decorating your new home in Idaho is a fun part of the relocation process. Choose a new style, personalize your new home and make it warm and cozy. Don’t wait too long to unpack moving boxes after relocation. Speed up the process of unpacking and you will adjust faster. Having unpacked items all around the house will make a mess and you won’t be able to relax. It is important to consider before moving what items you want in a new home. Decorations, furniture, appliances, etc.

Every move starts with a good plan

For moving from Arizona to Idaho and packing with ease, make a plan in advance and ask for help. Pack everything properly and you will not have problems when unpacking boxes. How much time you will need for packing, depends on the size of the items. More items to pack means more time, of course. If you want to save time when packing, decluttering, and moving only the most essential items.