Best places to start a family in the US

Do you want to start a family, but you are not currently living in a place safe enough for kids? You and your spouse are ready for the next step, so you should be ready to move, in order to give your kids the best life and good opportunities. Do you know some places to start a family in the US? If you do not, it is not a problem, we do.

Pregnant woman sitting in the grass
Are you expecting a child, do not panic. Find a place perfect for you

This is the first step of parenthood. Providing your future kids the best place for living and good education. There are many US cities for families and young kids, so how to choose the best for you? We know how.

Where are the best places to start a family in the US?

First of all, you need to set your priorities. Kids will be in the first place now. You will be responsible for their life and future. A place you choose should be:

  • Places to start a family in the US should be affordable, so you can afford quality education, trips with family, more food, a bigger house, etc.
  • Schools in the city must be good, with high scores. Kids’ future will depend on their education and work ethic.
  • Safety is a major factor, of course. A low crime rate is necessary.
  • Family-friendly activities are important when moving with a family or want to start one, so check that too before moving. Parks, outdoor activities, restaurants, etc.
  • Yes, kids will be always the center of your world, but it does not mean you cannot enjoy and spend time with friends and spouse. A nightlife for parents is a big advantage.
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Provide your family the best life, and your kids, the best childhood

Ann Arbor, MI

Ann Arbor is the city in Michigan, perfect for kids and families. It is safe, it has amazing public schools, it is affordable, diverse, and at the same time, has good nightlife for parents. When you want to start a family, you should think about every detail. Do not worry, moving to Ann Arbor will make your parenthood easier. The population is almost 120,000 and the median home value is $272,000 which is affordable.

Naperville, IL

If you want to raise your kids in Illinois, Naperville is one of the best options. Not only, this city is the best in Illinois, but also, in the states too. Most people own their home and it has a suburban feel. Schools are highly rated and the median home price is $400,000. It is a little pricy, but on the other hand, it has a lot to offer for young families.

The Woodlands, TX

A beautiful city in Texas, one of the perfect places to start a family in the US. Why? First of all, the weather is great, always sunny and hot, so you have plenty of outdoor activities for the entire family. Second of all, it is affordable and has great schools. The unemployment rate is low, the crime rate is low and it has a suburban feel. Perfect for young families. It became a popular spot for tourists, and some of them choose to move there because of the extraordinary beauty and nature.

Arlington, VA

The biggest city on this list and with a population of 230,000. This city in Virginia has a lot to offer. Of course, it has cons too, like any other city in the world. The major for this place is housing because it is a little bit more expensive. Many young professionals who want to work on their career life, love to move here. If you want to have kids, it does not mean your social and career life should suffer.

Columbia, MD

Maryland, one of the states with the richest history. The median home value in Columbia is $368,000 and it is worth it because it has highly rated public schools. Parks has a lot of activities for kids, it is a dog-friendly city too.

Cambridge, MA

Cambridge, Massachusetts is a good city for families and at the same time, for young professionals too. So, you can work on your career and you can start a family. Homes are a bit expensive, and that is the only disadvantage. Everything else is on your side. Find Concord based moving experts at your service and start your new life here.

Hampton, NH

If you love the beach, and small towns, Hampton is just the place for you and your future family. Also, you will be able to find affordable moving assistance in Hampton and to save money on relocation. This small town has a lot of restaurants, parks, and you will spend a lot of time outside with your family.

After you decide where to move, hire a mover!

After you decided where to move and what place is the best to raise a family, it is time to research moving companies to help you move. Moving costs will depend on where will you move and how many items you have to move. Hiring Preferred Movers NH will help you a lot.

A mover you will hire for the next chapter in your life, must be:

  • Licensed
  • Insured
  • Experienced
  • Reliable
  • Affordable

Especially if you are moving on short notice, you should be sure a moving company will finish everything on time. Time is money, so delays are not welcome.

Woman holding a picture of a home
When you find your perfect future home, it is time to call a mover


After choosing one of the best places to start a family in the US, moving preparation may start. Being a parent is not easy, but it is a beautiful experience, and your child will be everything to you. So, if you are not sure about relocation, just think about the family’s future. Find your next home town and pack your bags.