New Yorkers’ guide to buying a property in rural Arizona

There is this new trend of this “countryside migration” among New Yorkers. To help you make up your mind, we`ve compiled a list of reasons which will for sure determine you to consider buying a property in rural Arizona, in case you don`t own one already.

A story about buying a property in rural Arizona

You check their social media 2 weeks after meeting them for lunch at the mall, and out of the blue, you see they are relocating to another state. This is what happened to me a few weeks ago, meeting this high school colleague accidentally after almost a decade since finishing high school, and boom. By the end of next week, he was already updating his social media accounts that he has moved interstate and now is the lucky owner of a pony. To be honest, I would have never pictured him buying a property in rural Arizona. I mean, come on! He was a successful lawyer in Manhattan, and he was soon to become a senior partner in one of those big shot corporations.

A man adjusting tie before buying a property in rural Arizona.
Leaving your corporate job for a fresh start into the unknown definitely means stepping out of your comfort zone. Which eventually leads to self-growth.

I found his story motivational and inspirational and I was thinking that the only way I could share it with my writers is the way I know best: through writing. He made me understand that there is more to life than material possessions. He had it all in NY: a big condo close to the main square, that great convertible he was dreaming about since high school. But after talking with him, I understood his reasons. He was dating this girl for almost 7 years, and they planned to move in together. She grew up in Phoenix and her parents have a big farm a few miles away.

He left practically everything behind to go there and become a farmer, just so he can build a family with the woman he loved. Now if that isn`t true love, I wouldn`t know some other accurate definition for it. I managed to ask him about the benefits of hiring professional assistance when moving and he said it wouldn`t have been the same doing it on his own. He felt pretty much desolated because it was a rush decision. But he always used to say that “Whenever you feel like hesitating, that is when you jump. Otherwise, you get stuck into the same place forever.” And he jumped. Guess who`s turn is it now? Correct. Haven`t you started packing already?

barn, red, grass, house, rural, area
Buying a property in rural Arizona is not a gamble; it`s a win.

Everyone knows everyone

Moving to Arizona involves all the challenges of interstate moving. And even though people are so friendly in here, still you might want to consider that professionals should handle the transport. Because even though your neighbors would try their best to be of use, you should aim for qualified people with knowledge and experience in regards to the matter. This will help you avoid many of the misunderstandings that might appear, and also you can get to keep that unused favor with your neighbor as money in the bank. And cashing it in a time of real need, trust me, is far better than using it for something that could easily be planned weeks or even months ahead.

Your job is always secured here

Remember your old city life? Always having anxiety when reductions of personnel were made, living with the constant uncertainty that you might be next? Owning a small business in the countryside makes you your own boss. And even if you don`t have the capital for that yet, in rural Arizona farming and mining are the ones literally sustaining most of the state`s economy. So you will for sure never starve in here. If you consider certain things before moving out of state for a job, that is.

Arizona has one of the most picturesque landscapes in the whole USA

Sometimes it seems that nature has given way too many things to only one place. It`s also the case here. Besides the fact that they have a very diverse list of natural resources, they`ve also been blessed with “the looks”. Nature here is really breathtaking. You might want to start enjoying it from day one. It’s one of the reasons you should quickly start looking for packing supplies. Just like in life, adequate material is crucial. From boxes, pads to even storage pods they are ensuring a successful moving day. So your mission after the move to your new home is as simple as it can get. Relax and enjoy the view.

Visit horseshoe canyon after buying a property in rural Arizona.
Arizona has one of the most picturesque landscapes in the whole USA.

Peace and quiet

It is scientifically proven that prolonged exposure to high-intensity noises can induce hearing loss. Which nowadays in The Big Apple is a real thing. About 16% of the adults are reporting ringing in their ears to their doctors. So in case you don`t want to become hard on hearing, the countryside might just be the answer for you. The other alternative would be for you to start reading lips. But I can guarantee that the peace and quiet you are going to find in small towns like Sonoita, Patagonia, or Seligman after the relocation, would make it definitely worth it buying a property in rural Arizona.

Raising your kids in the countryside will help them become more self-reliant

People have this misconception that the word “rural” automatically implies a debatable level of civilization. Nothing more erroneous than this. It`s the countryside people who are much more human in comparison to the robotic life in the metropolitan area. People there wor so much with machines that they eventually become one without even noticing. It is a fact that countryside people have much more empathy because apparently living and working with animals makes them have a different perspective of life. Your kids will also get the chance to grow with the notion of responsibility fixed into their muscular memory. This will make them much more self-reliant in the long run.

White lamb laying down on the grass.
Apparently, animals can increase our level of empathy for other people`s needs.

There is small traffic here

Rural life can indeed be very depressing sometimes, being in isolation from the entire world. What about our ancestors? How did they manage to do it? It`s just a matter of will. One of the perks of buying a property in rural Arizona would be the small traffic, which would make you have to worry less about your kids` safety. The whole of Arizona is full of empty streets, according to Tik Tok Moving and Storage NYC, who moved numerous New Yorkers here. It won`t be long till you can start your new journey in this rural paradise. Well, maybe just a few tractors here and there.

Some final thoughts

In case the few small towns above mentioned didn`t really make you buying a property in rural Arizona, I suggest you do your research on the best cities in AZ young professionals would like. Like my grandma would say: “better start young and have time to correct the failures you might encounter along the way.” Though it’s never too late for a fresh start!