Moving to Florida for a Job

So, you’ve found a job in Florida. Well, that’s great! We are sure that you are going to enjoy your new life in the Sunshine State. But, when moving to Florida for a job, there are a couple of things you need to be aware of. So, let us take a closer look at what moving to Florida is all about.

What to do before moving to Florida for a job

To be honest, we are not surprised that you’ve found a job in Florida. Cities like Miami, Orlando, and Tampa have great job opportunities, especially for people in IT. But, nevertheless, cudos! Now all you need to do is to set up your new life in Florida. And, as it turns out, there is a proper way in which you should approach doing so.

Visit Florida

The first thing we would advise you to do is to visit Florida. You can spend ages reading up online on how good your future neighborhood is and what is life in Florida like. But, none of that compares to you actually going to the place. At a minimum, you want to spend a couple of days exploring your future city. You should do so when you head over for your interview. And, if possible, you should try to spend as much time there as you can.

Miami skyline.
Before moving to Florida for a job make sure to visit your future home at least once.

Find good movers to help you

Moving to Florida for a job is impossible without having reliable movers helping you out. You can deal with local, residential relocation without help from professional movers. But, when moving to Florida from another state, you will need to find movers to help you out. Now, there are two ways you can do this. You can either look for movers that are close to your current home. Or, you can look for a mover in Florida and have them help you. Either way, you should focus on finding reliable, cost-effective movers. Make sure to check their online reviews and visit their headquarters in order to talk to a company representative. If you go with Florida movers, you can do the interview during your visit.

Plan your relocation properly

Once you have a reliable moving company at your side, you will need to properly plan your relocation. The most difficult part for you will be to figure out when to move. Just a couple of days of difference can reduce your moving cost by as much as 30%. So, make sure to do your research on sites like and talk to your movers extensively before you settle on a date. Our advice is to move during the weekdays and to avoid moving during the spring and early summer.

A girl checking out a calendar because she will be moving to Florida for a job soon.
With proper timing, you can reduce your moving cost by quite a lot.

Those are usually the most expensive periods to move. So, if you can avoid them, do so. Your moving budget will thank you. And, also, try to be done with moving at least a couple of days before your work starts. That way you will have enough time to deal with some of the moving stress before you start your new job.

Preparing for moving day

With trustworthy movers at your side and a solid moving plan to follow, you should have no trouble with moving to Florida for a job. But, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t prepare for the moving day. Whether you like it or not, the moving day is going to be stressful. There is a certain amount of stress that you cannot escape from. Therefore, what you need to is to prepare for it. Do yourself a favor and lead a healthy life before moving day. Avoid getting sick, as moving while sick can be quite terrible. Remember to get a good night’s sleep and prepare food and water to carry with you throughout the day. Trust us, small details like this can be lifesavers during the stressful moving day.

What awaits you in Florida

So, once you are done with moving to Florida for a job, what’s next? What should you expect out of your new life in Florida? Well, it is hard to say. After all, Florida is a large state and everyone has a different experience when moving to it. But, there are certain things that we feel will stand out to you after you’ve spent some time living here.

Getting accustomed to Florida weather

You are probably aware of the warm weather in Florida. The temperatures during the winter are around 65 °F (18 °C), while summer temperature is about 91 °F (33 °C). So, the temperature in the Sunshine State can be warm, but nothing unbearable. Also, the reason why it is called the Sunshine State is because it has the largest number of sunny days yearly out of all the US states. But, as it turns out, weather in Florida has its bad moments too. Florida has more thunderstorms than any other US state. How often these occur can vary between regions. But, you shouldn’t be surprised if one or two come to your region. So, when you leave Colorado for the Sunshine State, don’t be surprised by the clear blue sky, followed by a raging thunderstorm. We’ve warned you.

A truck driving through a thunderstorm on a Florida beach.
Thunderstorms can be quite common in some parts of Florida, which is why you need to get used to them.

Beach homes

Finding an apartment in Florida is pretty similar to finding it in any other state. One thing we would like to mention is that cities in Florida have a large number of beach homes. Now, owning a beachfront property may sound like a dream to some of you. Heck, some of you may be moving to Florida precisely because of this. But, beach homes come with their own set of problems. Maintaining one can be much more expensive than simply maintaining a regular home. And, believe it or not, living next to the ocean becomes boring after a while. So, make sure to read up more on beach homes before you spend your money on one.