Moving in with your roommate- the ultimate guide

When you find a roommate that you’re compatible with, it’s time to start the process of moving in. Finding a new place when you only have your wants and needs to consider is hard enough. But, multiply that by two or more when you move with someone else. So, you’ll have to make some compromises. Here’s the ultimate guide when moving in with your roommate. It will help you approach your upcoming move in a way that’ll make both you and your roommate happy.

Agreeing on a new place

When looking for an apartment, the first thing to consider is always the location. If your roommate and you attend the same school or work in the same area, finding a new place should be easier. But, if that’s not the case, things will be trickier. So, get a map and decide on a good midpoint between your destinations. If one on you has to drive farther, who should it be? Is that person OK with it? Make these decisions before looking at apartments. Then, once you settle the location, decide what you want in an apartment. How big should it be? Where’s the limit to how much you’ll pay per month? Do you have a pet to consider? If that’s the case, you need some moving with a pet – tips and tricks.

You have to find the apartment that’ll work for both of you. Remember, it might not be a perfect place. But, make sure it meets your most basic criteria. Everything else is negotiable. Also, be sensitive to the needs and wants of your roommate as well as your own.  

Girls Coffee - Moving in with your roommate
When moving in with your roommate, discuss living arrangements.

Moving in with your roommate – Splitting up moving costs

When moving in with your roommate, make sure to split all the moving costs equally. However, if you want to work out another system, do it. But agree before anyone writes any checks.

Keep in mind the following costs:

  • Deposit on the new place
  • Lingering costs at the old place
  • Moving supplies. Like boxes, bubble material, tape, and more.
  • Hiring movers – Make sure you know how to find reliable movers in Arizona.
  • Renting a truck if you want to perform a DIY move.

Signing a lease

What name will go on the apartment lease depends on how the lease is set up. Some apartment communities require one person to step up, while others allow two names. Good credit and a reliable income will ensure you get the apartment you want. Also, learn apartment lease basics for tenants. In case you’re signing the lease, remember that you’ll be held responsible. So, your responsibility is to write the checks every month and drop them off at the office. If any rent goes unpaid, you will be a hook for that money.

Pencil Signature Contract
Decide who will sign the lease, if it’s impossible to put both names.

Moving in with your roommate – In conclusion

Moving in with your roommate can be challenging. So, be as prepared as possible as you get to know your roommate. If everything works out, find local movers and local moving companies to help make the moving process easy.

Once your move is complete, it’s time to get settled into your new place. Make sure you find some advice on how to have a smooth relationship with your roommate. You don’t want uncomfortable situations, right?