Moving from Phoenix to Miami – Neighborhoods to explore

The main aspects of moving to a new city are the moving process logistics, finding a suitable home, and a great neighborhood. When it comes to moving from Phoenix to Miami, the last one can be a lengthy process, as there are numerous neighborhoods to choose from. This guide will narrow your options to only the best choices – what are the neighborhoods to explore when finding a home in Miami?

Know your priorities when choosing a neighborhood

As there are multiple great areas of the city, the one that’s best will actually suit your needs and requirements the most. One thing that’s important for you might not be important for somebody else and that’s the reason why you should set some priorities before you start the search. This is an important step of the preparation process before you move, so be sure not to skip it.

four people cycling after Moving from Phoenix to Miami
Miami has so much to offer – just choose according to your lifestyle.

Make sure you know what you’re looking for – the search will be different if you’re moving as a young professional or as a parent with kids. Experts from suggest you check the distance to the important locations in the city, consider the commute, prices, etc.  These factors will help you decide which neighborhood is the best for you. And this is a list of neighborhoods you should definitely explore if you’re moving from Phoenix to Miami.

Miami’s best neighborhoods

Miami has a lot to offer to travelers and people who want to stay. Each of these neighborhoods is unique and makes a great home for different people. This is our must-visit list to help you out.

Miami aerial view
Want to easily access the beach after Moving from Phoenix to Miami? Choose one of the beachfront neighborhoods.

South Beach

Many people moving from Phoenix love to get a new home close to the beach. Well, this eclectic neighborhood might be the right choice. Easy access to the beach, but also fine dining, exciting nightlife, and shopping are the strongest point of choosing South Beach as your next home.

Coconut Groove

One of the most common choices among new residents is surely Coconut Groove. The reason is that this neighborhood has a strong small-town vibe, historic locations, and easy access to downtown. It’s a welcoming place that promises a laid-back lifestyle, and with the nearby pros ready to help you, you can easily imagine yourself living here.

Bal Harbour

Another area of the city that offers relaxation, privacy, and peace – Bal Harbour is a popular beachfront community. After moving from Phoenix to Miami, you can explore this neighborhood for a totally different lifestyle – a lot of beach time and relaxing activities. It’s a place of upscale shops and restaurants, with less crowd and more luxurious homes.


For those looking for more things to see and do, Brickell is a must-visit location in Miami. Its vibrant atmosphere attracts more young residents, especially the ones looking for a job in finance, investments, and real estate. There’s always something to do here, so you can never stop exploring Brickell.

Miami is so much more than these neighborhoods. Miami Downtown, sunny Isles Beach, Surfside, Pinecrest, etc are only some of the amazing locations in the city. Take your time to do the research and choose the new place for your dream Miami home.