Moving from New York to Arizona this summer

Moving from New York to Arizona this summer is a serious decision and a great challenge. Organizing an interstate move of this type will take a lot of your time and effort if you desire a smooth relocation. Luckily, we can help you with some advice and useful tricks. Study our guide in detail and then get down to some planning.

Biggest differences between New York and Arizona

There are many reasons why people opt for moving from New York to Arizona. However, you should know what you can expect and get to know some major differences between New York and Arizona. Here are the changes you will experience:

  • Different weather. The great difference regarding this matter will surprise you. Comparing to New York, summers in Arizona are very hot and dry. Hence, prepare for moving to a climate you are not used to. In winter, New York can be much colder and stormier than Arizona.
  • You will drive a car again. In NY, the subway is the easiest way to get around. No one wants to drive a car. But, the situation is different in Arizona. Due to a not so developed transportation system, a great majority of people drive a car on a daily basis. Therefore, if you do not own a car at the moment, you will need one after moving from New York to Arizona. 
  • You will see different animals. In New York, you worried about mosquitoes only. In Arizona, you will meet some dangerous wild animals like scorpions.
Two people showing thumbs up and down for all the pros and cons of moving from New York to Arizona.
Before moving from New York to Arizona this summer make sure you understand the differences.

Why is moving from New York to Arizona this summer a good decision?

Arizona is a famous tourist destination, primarily because of Grand Canyon National Park. But, thanks to many benefits, the state is also a popular moving destination for Americans. Here are some reasons to move to Arizona and interesting things to know before moving to Arizona.

  • Job growth. Arizona is third in the country for job growth.
  • Reasonable cost of living. One of the best things about moving from New York to Arizona this summer s the relatively low cost of living compared to the rest of the country.
  • The Grand Canyon. Arizona is home to the Grand Canyon, the state’s and country’s biggest attraction.
  • Outdoor activities.
  • Arizona wine is first-class.
  • A haven for retirees.
  • The art scene in Arizona is thriving and guarantees a pure joy for artistic souls.
  • Whether you live in a small or a big city, you will certainly enjoy it immensely.
  • You can see snow here. Of course, it doesn’t snow like in NY, but if you settle in the mountains in the southern part of the state you may experience snow again.
  • If you are moving from New York to Arizona this summer with kids to Arizona, you should know that education is different than it is in NY. Education funding is lower, however, there are many private schools that are great. So, spend some time researching schools before moving here. 

Hire professionals when moving from New York to Arizona this summer

When moving from New York to Arizona this summer, safe transportation of your items is imperative as you are moving long-distance. Professional assistance is crucial and only then does moving across the whole United States hassle-free become possible. These experts will help you move your entire household to the new address without any problems. Also, they know how to handle particular items properly, especially when you have a lot of fragile or bulky pieces. So, they will transport your stuff easily.

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Find professional movers to help you relocate.


When moving from New York to Arizona, don’t take too many possessions with you. Not only will you waste your precious time on extensive packing, but you will create unnecessary clutter at your new home as well. A good strategy to use prior to packing your items is to explore all your things carefully and objectively and then make a wise selection of the items you will take to the new address. Also, once you are done with this demanding task, learn how to pack your closet properly.

Pack carefully

Packing seems like an easy task. But, don’t be tricked. You’re moving an entire home. So, you need to do that carefully. Here are some tips we suggest:

  • Prepare the moving boxes. The type you choose highly depends on the amount of your stuff.  If you want to save some money, you can find some free cardboard boxes.
  • Pack room by room. Packing also requires a plan and the best practice is to deal with the packing room by room. This way, it will be easy for movers to handle your boxes and you will have no problems while unpacking.
  • Labeling the boxes is immensely helpful. Label each and every moving box.
  • Pay special attention to fragile and sensitive items. These must be packed with care. 
Moving Box with some items packed for moving from New York to Arizona this summer.
Start packing as early as possible.

Do not forget a box with essentials

When moving from New York to Arizona you need to have your essentials box. This box should contain all the things you use daily. These are some of the things you will need during a moving day and the first few days in your new home in Arizona. After unpacking, it is time to adjust to Arizona. Learn how to adapt to a new environment when moving and start exploring this beautiful state.

In conclusion

The decision you made, to relocate to Arizona, is a great one. Make sure you follow the steps of the moving process carefully, and you’ll have no problems. You will be in your new Arizona home in no time, ready to explore the state.