Moving from New Mexico to Arizona with kids

So, now it’s sure, you know that you’ll be leaving New Mexico soon and move to Arizona. You might’ve even chosen a nice neighborhood and you’re looking for the right home.  And of course, moving is not an easy process, so you’re looking to avoid common moving mistakes and to organize the whole process. But what makes it harder is the fact that you need to tell your kids and organize the move with them in mind. So, here’s how to approach moving from New Mexico to Arizona with kids. These steps will help you tell your children about the move and make it easier – both for you and them.

How to approach moving from New Mexico to Arizona with kids

Well, the fact that you also have to take care of your kids during this move, makes the process slightly more complicated. But, if you’re well organized from the get-go, there shouldn’t be any problem when moving from New Mexico to Arizona with children. The key is to have a good organization that will allow you to save energy for your kids and their needs before and during the process of relocation. However, leaving New Mexico for good with your children, is not that hard, if you have the right help and if you know what to do.

A family.
There is a way to make this move easier

Are you going to need some help?

Before you even start to organize your move from New Mexico to Arizona with children, think about getting some help. Even though Arizona and New Mexico are neighboring states, this is still an interstate move. So, with kids and relocation on your hands, some help will be very useful. And while it’s good if you call your friends or organize your kids to help with the move, the professional help is something else. Find a good reliable company at and you’ll see that even moving from New Mexico to Arizona with kids can go smoothly.

Share the plan with your kids

One of the first things that you should is let your kids know about the move. Of course, this implies that your kids are old enough to understand that you’re moving to a new state. If they are, then let them know gently about this move. Share the reasons why you’re moving in the first place and express your feelings about the move. Tell them about your previous moving experience.  And most importantly, encourage them to share how they feel about this. Of course, know that there’s a chance that they won’t like the idea. They’ll have to leave their friends and their familiar environment. Show that you value their feelings and concerns and let them understand that this is all for the better. Also, it’s very important that you find a way to include them in the whole process.

A concerned girl.
Allow your kids to express their concerns

Give them a chance to say goodbye

Your kids have probably made some friends already. And if they’re already going to school, realize how hard it is to leave your school mates behind. So, let them say goodbye to their old life, their old school, their old home, and their friends. Be there for them, but leave them some space, if that’s what they need. Also, you can suggest them to throw a goodbye party and invite their friends over. Why not celebrate this special circumstance with their old friends?

When moving to New Mexico to Arizona with your kids, include them in the process

There are many ways to include your kids in the process of moving to Arizona. Once you narrow down the list of potential houses, ask your kids about their opinions. You can show them the photos of the houses you’re considering and get their feedback. Ask them to tell you what they like about each house. Of course, it’s important that you let them know how you took their opinion into consideration when making the final decision. After you’ve chosen the house, let them know. Also, you can even ask them about the new color for the walls. The point is that they feel that you’re validating their opinion and that it matters. And also, it’s good that they know they can control something if they can’t control the whole new situation.

Time to declutter and pack

Depending on their age, your kids can actually help with decluttering and packing. They should decide what toys, pillows, and blanket to bring with them on the road. Also, what they can do is separate the toys they don’t need and the clothes they no longer wear. Of course, let them know they can keep something that they feel attached to. However, the rest of the items, you can separate on a special pile. And then, you take that pile and:

  • sell it and increase your moving budget for moving from New Mexico to Arizona with kids
  • donate the items and help someone in need
  • toss it away

Plan your route

One of the benefits of hiring professional assistance when moving is that you’ll have more time for other things you need to do. For example, when moving from New Mexico to Arizona with kids, you can plan your route on the way to your new home. Pull out the map and check out some interesting spots along the way. And ask your children what interesting sights they would like to visit. First, this will make the trip more interesting. But also, this will be a way for you and your children to engage and bond.

A little girl in grass.
Check for interesting spots along the way that your kids would like to explore

Get your kids excited about the new chapter

When moving from New Mexico to Arizona with kids, it’s important to focus on the new life. So, encourage your kids to focus on new and exciting activities this they will be able to do in your new place. Encourage them to look online for some parks, playgrounds, to find their new school and plan their shortest route. Besides, knowing these things will help you adjust after moving to Arizona. Even better, if you have the opportunity, visit your new place even before the move and get familiar with your new environment that you’ll grow to love.