Moving from Arizona to Ohio

Moving from one place to one another involves more than you think. Between properly saying goodbye to your old place to settling in a new home, there are a lot of different tasks that require organization. So, it’s not without a reason that so many people are afraid of moving. After all, moving truly is a complicating and exhausting process, even when moving around the corner. And this is especially the case when moving long-distance, like moving from Arizona to Ohio. Luckily, there are ways to make it easier and we’ll show you how.

Moving from Arizona to Ohio

The long-distance move of around 1.600 miles is not an easy affair. And that’s why you should consider hiring professionals like Zippy Shell Columbus. And once you manage to move to Ohio, you’re going to find yourself in a completely new environment which you’ll need to get used to. While Arizona is a state with beautiful scenery, it has its disadvantages. But, instead of focusing on them, let’s see some of the great things about the state of Ohio.

Columbus skyline
Why is Ohio such a great state?

Why is Ohio so great?

While Arizona has impressive population growth, Ohio is a big state, with the prices of a small state, which is an amazing advantage. This state was multiple times ranked as the country’s cheapest state to live in. And this is really surprising, especially since Ohio is only 6 places under the most populous state in the US.  So, check out why a lot of people choose to call this state their home:

  • central location – its location makes it close to both New York and Chicago. Also, Washington D.C and Philadephia are not too far away
  • good and cheap healthcare, with the renowned Cleveland Clinic
  • great public education
  • the change of seasons means that you can get a share of both sun and snow during the year
  • amazing nature offers from caves to waterfall – you have to visit Hocking Hills and Cuyahoga Valley
  • lake Erie with islands and towns which are great options for vacation
  • a great number of amusement parks
  • amazing craft beers
  • great food – which is also not so expensive
  • professional sports teams and popular college football
  • great cultural and art institutions
Lake Eerie - great place to visit after moving from Arizona to Ohio
Lake Erie is a great option for vacation

On top of everything, the people of Ohio are very friendly. Coming from Arizona, you’ll find a state where people are kind and patient. And they’re patient even in traffic, so imagine that.

Time to get started

Once you are at least familiar with these great things about Ohio, it’s time to start preparing for your move. Focus on the goal, but also on the step you’re taking at the time, and everything should be all right.

Plan everything ahead before moving from Arizona to Ohio

In order for your move to go as smooth as possible, it’s crucial to have everything planned at least 7 weeks in advance. If you are going to hire professional movers, you should book them in advance. Create a moving schedule, a timeline, determine what to do and when to do it. Also, the moving budget will give you the financial ability to go through the moving experience successfully, so plan it ahead. So, be sure to have these:

  • a moving schedule
  • a list (for just about everything that you can think of)
  • a moving budget
  • the help, in case you need it
  • more than enough of packing supplies
  • insurance
  • a storage unit, where you’ll store stuff you don’t need in Columbus
  • a calm mind and a positive attitude

DIY move or hiring professional movers

Moving from Arizona to Ohio is a long-distance move, which is considered as a more complicated type of relocation. That’s the reason why you should consider hiring professionals who’ll help you every step of the way. With a lot of things on your mind, you might not want to go through this process alone. And you don’t have to. But, on the other hand, don’t forget them when planning the moving budget.

Packing and unpacking

Some moving companies offer packing services so that you don’t have to do it yourself. However, if you want to do it yourself, be sure to get a lot of good packing materials, like boxes, wrapping materials, duct tape, scissors, and sharpies. Why sharpies? Because having a good packing system is a must. Label the boxes with numbers or names of the rooms and write down the list of items packed in each box. Also, pack the items from one room to one or more boxes. This will make the unpacking process much easier and shorter. Also, be extra careful when packing fragile items.

Moving essentials bag

It can be a box or a bag. However, it should contain the necessary items for the road. From medications, documentation, a change of clothes for a couple of days to just about anything you might need.  It would be wise to have a moving essentials bag for the road, and a small box for the first or second day in your new home.

Organize the transportation

If you don’t hire a moving company, you’ll have to organize transportation to Ohio yourself. Once you’re sure that your belongings are safely packed, it’s time to load them into the truck. Don’t forget the insurance, you know how it goes “better safe than sorry.” In case something goes wrong, and you damage your belongings, at least you’ll get reimbursed.


Don’t forget all the administration, like the change of address, making sure that all the bills are paid. Also, when signing the contracts, be careful about the fine print. And don’t forget to bring the documents and papers during the trip and to have them by your side.

A person signing a document
Be careful when signing the contracts before moving from Arizona to Ohio

Final word

Moving from Arizona to Ohio might be the best thing you’ve ever done. Allow it to be the beginning of the life you’ve always wanted for yourself. First, relax and allow yourself to settle down after the move. Then, start noticing new wonderful things about Ohio. We’re sure that soon enough, you’ll fall in love with this state.