Moving from Arizona to New York with your pet: how to make it work

Moving can be a stressful activity for people, now imagine how can it be for your pets. If there is any unexpected activity in their home or when they are exposed to a new environment, they may quickly become stressed. Moving with pets is not an easy task. You can find some helpful articles on various websites, such as, along with useful tips. Keep in mind, moving from Arizona to New York with your pet carries some problems. These problems don’t have a one-size-fits-all solution, so here are a few tips that might help your pets relax a little more.

Tips for moving from Arizona to New York with your pet

1. Pack an overnight survival kit

Along with your personal cosmetics and necessary stuff, be sure to pack for your pet too. Be sure that it has enough dog food, kitty litter, toys, and grooming equipment to last your pet for the first few days of unpacking and keep them satisfied. This should help your pet get used to the new surroundings. An overnight survival kit is a must when moving from Arizona to New York.

2. Get in contact with your vet

Notify your vet that you’re moving out of the city so you can get your paperwork and take any prescription drugs with you. Check with them and see if they can recommend any vets in your new neighborhood. If your vet doesn’t know any vets in your new area you should browse the internet to find a reputable vet.

Cat in a moving box.
Moving from Arizona to New York with your pet and sudden changes can be very stressful.

3. Try to keep your pets away from the action

The best way to maintain your pet calm during the move is to keep them in the quietest place possible. Even people don’t know how to handle the stress of moving sometimes, same as pets. Distance them from the action if you don’t want to leave them with a friend or a kennel for the day, which is preferred. Another option is to search for a pet hotel in the area. This may include emptying a bedroom on another floor and locking the door. Moreover, placing them in their carrier or kennel in the garage or vehicle can be a great solution. Take care to ensure they’ll be kept at a comfortable temperature and have access to water and food if they’ll be there for an extended period of time.

4. Hire a pet moving service

To avoid inducing stress into your pets you shouldn’t take the task of moving them onto yourself. There are many great pet moving services available in NYC, and you should engage trained people to help you with the relocation. This will not only make the process less stressful to your pets but to you also. You will have one less thing to worry about since your pets will be in great hands.

5. Seclude your pet

Before you move your pet, you should move your things. Before introducing the animal to the new house, set up as much as you can, even if it’s just one room. Limit them to a certain area of the house as they adapt to their new environment. Give your pet plenty of love and familiar things such as toys and blankets as soon as possible. Let them feel just as comfortable as you!

Moving from Arizona to New York with your pet makes your dog happy.
When moving you should make sure that your dog is as relaxed as you are.

6. Update their information

Be sure to change their tags or microchip details with the current address and phone number when you move. Do it as soon as possible after moving from Arizona to New York with your pet, just in case. If your pet gets lost it will be much easier to find them if they do get lost. Fortunately for you, this shouldn’t be too hard because there is plenty of vet clinics across New York.

7. Keep your pet inside until you arrive

When moving the animal to your new neighborhood, be cautious that if they escape, they will quickly get lost. Even if the pet is normally well-behaved or obedient, it’s vital not to open the kennel until the pet is in the new home. Be sure to give them a few days to adapt to their new surroundings. If you own a cat, consider that many cat owners are starting to keep their cats indoors, especially if they¬†live in small apartments, to keep them safe. Relocation is a good time to get them used to be indoors if you plan to keep them indoors.

8. Relocating with fishes

Stress causes fish to react aggressively, and a move may be traumatic, even fatal. You could carry them short distances in bags loaded with their old tank water, which isn’t ideal but will get the job done. If you’re traveling a long way, it’s safest to gift them to a friend, drain the tank, and buy new fish after you’ve unpacked. This way you will be sure that you don’t put your fish in danger, but you will have to say your goodbyes.

Fish in an aquarium
Relocation can be very stressful for fish so be sure to keep them safe.

9. Relocating with Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs are also thought to be affected by changes or by being moved around. Guinea pigs’ hearts are especially fragile, so be sure to handle them carefully and carry them in a warm, cozy, small carrier. If you follow those steps your Guinea Pigs should be safe.

10. Relocating with birds

Many people boast that their bird has never flown off their shoulders, only to later regret their confidence. Be sure to put your birds in a cage, even if he or she scoffs at the thought. A lot of birds flew away from their owners on moving day. Changes make birds nervous, as it does other animals.

In conclusion

The process of relocation can be much less stressful if you do your research and take the proper steps to avoid the stress. This article should’ve covered all of those tips to help you out with moving from Arizona to New York with your pet.