Moving from Arizona to New Jersey

Relocation to another state can often be confusing and expensive. That’s why many people dread long-distance relocation and don’t know how to deal with the whole process. There’s a lot to think about – new home, old home, transport, packing, changing address, updating mail, etc. At the same time, you have to balance all these tasks with your everyday life – which can be pretty tough if you have a family and a job. That’s why we prepared a simple guide on moving from Arizona to New Jersey to make things easier for you.

Things to know before moving from Arizona to New Jersey

Before you make any steps regarding the relocation, be sure to collect all the necessary information about moving from Arizona to New Jersey. Find out whatever you can about your new hometown, and your neighborhood. This will make the adjusting process smooth and easy for you and your family. Here are the main things you should know before moving to New Jersey.

You’ll enjoy all the greenery

If you feel you need more greenery and peaceful moments in your life, the Garden State is there for you. There are many green patches as well as parks and reserves. Even though it’s a very populated and modern state, you don’t have a feeling of it being too urban.

You can easily get to the shore

One of the best things about moving from Arizona to New Jersey is the proximity to the beach. Apart from the Jersey shore, you can choose from many other locations nearby to spend your holiday at. Hamptons, Vape Cod, Cape May – all these beautiful and popular places are very easy to get to, so you’ll definitely have a variety of choices when it comes to the beach time.

Jersey shore which makes moving from Arizona to New Jersey so appealing.
Moving from Arizona to New Jersey means moving close to some breathtaking beaches.

You can’t pump your gas in NJ

When moving from Arizona to New Jersey, you should know about this everyday thing that may cause you to be confused. New Jersey is one of the states where it’s forbidden to pump your own gas at gas stations. So, when moving from Arizona, it may take a while until you get used to this ‘unusual’ habit. Even though it may sound unusual for you, try to accept this as a positive thing – especially on cold, rainy days.

You’ll pay more taxes after moving from Arizona to New Jersey

One of the negative things about living in New Jersey is that the taxes and insurance costs are relatively high, compared to other states. When you compare it to Arizona, you get an unpleasant surprise. Arizona’s tax rates vary from approximately 2.8% to 4.5%, whereas in New Jersey you’ll have to pay around 9%.

How to move to New Jersey?

Well, when you consider moving from Arizona to New Jersey, you need to understand the size and distance of your move. Since this is not like you’re moving around the corner, you’ll need to take the planning seriously and prepare all the details. Be sure to start your moving preparation on time, so you don’t need to move and pack in a hurry and therefore make some mistakes.

Prepare your moving budget

Long-distance moves can be pretty expensive. That’s why you need to plan your moving budget and make sure you have the money you need. Be sure to get a free estimate from your moving company – this rough presentation of your moving costs can help you prepare for the move easily. Also, don’t forget to include all the details – no matter how small they are. Knowing all the financial details of your move, particularly all the hidden moving costs, will help you save money and avoid unpleasant surprises.

A calculator.
Make sure you prepare your moving budget in advance.

Save money during your move

Since you’ll need a certain amount of money for your move, there’s always a need for some extra savings. That’s why you should do everything you can to reduce the moving costs. Be sure to downsize your home as much as you can so you reduce the moving fees – declutter your home from all the unnecessary and unused items. Also, DIY the things you can, and try to find free packing materials or use the items you already have.

Stay safe when moving from Arizona to New Jersey

One of the biggest fears of those moving across the state is the safety of their items. To make sure everything goes well, hire someone you can trust – like Gibraltar Van Lines. Get all the recommendations you need, do the online check and have a conversation with the company’s representatives. Make sure you pick a trustworthy moving company that will help you move and don’t commit fraudulent actions. 

Go local

When looking for the most efficient moving company, try to go local about this. For example, if you are moving to your new place in Livingston, choose a local company that knows this NJ area well. This way you’ll make sure you’ll have a safe and fast relocation – local movers know the best routes for every move.

A group of people showing thumbs up because they know the best strategy for moving from Arizona to New Jersey.
Finding a trustworthy moving company is a must when moving from Arizona to New Jersey.

Get to know your neighborhood

Since you probably won’t have a chance to visit your new neighborhood before the relocation, be sure to find out everything about it, as well as your new home. Look for the closest supermarket, pharmacy, restaurant, food delivery, etc. – any information you might need as soon as you arrive at New Jersey. This way you’ll make the first days much easier if you know where to look for the things you need. Also, find out about the new home’s floor plan in advance. This way, you’ll be able to plan where all your furniture and other items go, so it’s much easier and faster to unpack.

Take care of your family when moving from Arizona to New Jersey

If you’re having a family move, be sure to take care of your family members. If you are moving to New Jersey with teenagers or younger kids, be sure to help them deal with the moving process and adjust to the new environment. Also, if you have pets, be sure to find someone to take care of them until you’re all settled.

Moving from Arizona to New Jersey takes a bit of planning and organization, but it’s all worth it. We are sure you’ll enjoy your new home after a successful and stress-free move.