Moving from a small town to NYC

If you are moving from a small town to NYC then you need to prepare yourself mentally. It is very different from everything you have used to so far. Life in New York is fast and sometimes you won’t even notice, it will get dark outside and you will find yourself feeling weird because you haven’t finished the half of things you wanted to finish that particular day. Nothing to worry about thou, you will get used to everything that New York brings to the table and more. You will just need time and a couple of advice that you will find here. Your job is to prepare for New York, and for moving you always have the best service of Organize Me Inc.

Moving from a small town to NYC can be really fun and exciting
NYC is a big city, and things run differently then in a small town

Moving from a small town to NYC in couple of steps

There are some steps you can follow in order to get used to a new and hectic city. New York is just that. Yes, it can be hard but there is a reason why so many people from all over the world are coming to try their luck here. New York is a dream city with five boroughs from which you should choose from:

  • Bronx
  • Brooklyn
  • Manhattan
  • Staten Island
  • Queens

These are the five boroughs and they are different from one another but they all have their charm. When you are moving from a small town to NYC you should also choose a borough based on your preferences.

Manhattan during the day from a bird perspective
Manhattan is the most expensive borough out of five. it is always good to know that

What is so different in NYC from a small town?

The first thing that is different is the size of the city. Next thing would be transportation, you can have a feeling that you have spent the whole day in a taxi, subway, or a bus. Also, the prices are different. From a cup of coffee to how much you are paying for rent in a studio apartment. What would be really good to do, is that before you move to NYC you should find a job there.

The prices of almost everything is way higher than in a smaller city. This is because of how popular NYC is and because of the huge number of people that are coming here to pursue their luck.


If you are moving from a small town to NYC you are probably used to calm nights and great sleep. This can be a very different story when in New York. This city is awake 24/7, and you are bound to hear some type of noise at some point of the night. This is not a huge problem, because after a while you won’t hear anything, you will learn to turn off any outdoor sound there is, and before you know it you will be sound asleep again.

Traffic jam in NYC
It is completely normal that NYC is noisier then other, smaller cities

In the first few days, you may feel uncomfortable and strange. This would be the case not only when you are moving from a small town to NYC but to any other city in the world. What is a really good thing is that people usually adapt very fast to new surroundings and you will enjoy New York in no time.