Make a floor plan before moving in with these 4 simple steps

Make your new place feel like home. Moving can be a very stressful task, enjoying and relaxing after moving in, is one of the most beautiful feelings. But, to have this period after, you need to prepare your house or apartment on time. Make a floor plan before moving in and organize things. Plan out how your furniture will be arranged, how to make a home more functional and of course, more beautiful. Also, if your new home is small, find ways to make it bigger and to use space smartly.

Make a floor plan before moving – steps

The accurate floor plan will help you avoid many troubles. How a floor plan may help you?

  • If you make a floor plan before moving, you will know which furniture to move and what can fit in.
  • You will know what to buy and can you use items you already have.
  • Don’t move items you don’t need, and save money on transportation this way.
Make a floor plan with ruler.
Measure everything and make a plan for your new home

#1 Take measurements

Before you move in, measure everything. This way you will know which furniture will fit in. Ask your real estate agent to give you a floor plan of the entire home with all measurements. What to measure?

  • Rooms, hallways, doors, windows, and ceiling height in your new home
  • The location of electric outlets and heating vents
  • The furniture you already own

This way, you will know what to move and what not to move. And also, you will save money on transportation and you can sell some of your furniture that cannot fit in.

#2 Create a map

Some people are creating a map (floor plan) as one of the things after moving but you may lose time. And also, you cannot relax and enjoy yourself after moving because you will be occupied with renovations and other home projects. You can draw a plan or use programs for floor planning, so you can see your home in 3D and get a clear picture of your future home.

#3 Plan carefully

Yes, you can always rearrange your furniture, and many people do it after a while. A good floor plan before moving in will save you time and nerves. You should even plan on how to move your plants and where to place them. Especially make a good plan if you have small kids. Make a new home baby-proof.

A living room.
Figure out where to put furniture, decorations, how to choose colors, etc.

#4 Design and arrange

Designing is probably one of the most interesting parts. Make a floor plan and also choose a design of your new home, a style, and colors. Combine safety, comfort, and functionality. You can follow fashion trends or not – it is up to you. Design your new home as you want. If you don’t know how to do it, hiring a professional interior designer is one of the options to consider.