Leaving Washington DC for Arizona: expectations vs reality

Leaving Washington DC for Arizona means you will be 3 hours behind. This is something you can easily adjust to in a day or two. It’s not such a big deal no matter what your job is. Even if you are working remotely and the company is back in Washington DC. Three hours is not as much as it sounds. We will be talking about today what people think and what they get. Expectation vs reality is the theme for today. This will be pretty useful for you if you are moving to Arizona recently. Now, we can start.

The prices

It’s 69.6 percent more expensive to make ends meet in Washington DC than it is in Phoenix, Arizona for example. To keep the same living standards in Washington DC you would require a salary of $52,891 per year. You already know all about the prices in Washington DC. Now you know that this relocation can be good for your wallet as well. You might be able to afford a bigger house or a better school for your kids. No matter how you use your money it’s going to be better than paying rent surely. We had to start with the money talk since this is a very important part of life.

A woman holding money
We need to start with the “money talk”.

Safety – the harsh reality

You surely heard that Arizona is a safer state. But are you moving to a crime-free place as you might think? Nope. Arizona has a higher rate of property crime than the national average, despite having a lower overall crime rate. While the overall crime rate in Arizona is higher than the nationwide average, many of the state’s safest cities actually outperformed the national average and would be excellent vacation spots. Now you can research how to safely move your belongings from Washington DC to Arizona.

Do you know about the weather in Arizona?

The weather in Arizona City is dry and clear most of the time, with hot summers and cold winters. That means you get all four seasons which is considered to be healthy for you. Temperatures rarely drop below 32 degrees Fahrenheit or rise above 110 degrees Fahrenheit over the course of a year. So, this is one thing you can expect – good weather all year round with all the seasons. Now you can start preparing your furniture for this move.

A happy woman looking at the Grand Canyon.
You can expect nice weather.

The most common question

You are surely wondering if your life going to be better here. Is it nice to live in Arizona? If you’re looking for a fresh start, Arizona is a great option. Most of the state’s urban areas are suitable for human habitation in terms of things like cost of living, availability of jobs, and standard of medical care and schooling. In addition, the state has a well-developed transportation infrastructure. There are other things you need to know like taxes for example. The property┬átax rate on owner-occupied residences in Arizona is capped by law, contributing to the state’s fairly low property tax rates. A state’s effective tax rate of 0.62% is significantly lower than the national average of 1.07%.

Moving costs expectation vs reality

To relocate from Washington DC to Arizona, you can expect to spend between $1,900 and $8,900. The cost of moving will range from zero to several thousand dollars, depending on the distance traveled, the season or month of the year, as well as whether you hire movers or do it yourself. The prospect of uprooting your life and moving across the country can be daunting. With that being said you should know that moving on your own is not necessarily cheaper. You see moving heavy items can be dangerous. Injuries can occur if you don’t do it properly. Back injuries are the most common ones. That can be quite expansive. Also, if you have any precious items like a piano and damaging it can be a nightmare to repair. That is awfully expansive. We are not saying that you can’t do it. We are saying movers like A2B Moving and Storage are trained to do it and they have the right equipment.

When is the best time for a DIY relocation?

December through March are the best months to relocate on your own. If you hire movers – they are equipped to handle any weather conditions. The months we showed you are known for cool, comfortable temperatures, but even the months of April and May are cooler, with average lows at least 13 degrees lower than in June. The difference between a smooth relocation and one marred by heat-related health problems may hinge on this. And your car can take a beating from the heat, too.

A professional mover carrying a sofa during a move.
It will be much easier if you hire professionals for this task.

Settling in expectations vs reality

Many people assume that relocation is over once you arrive at your new home. Leaving Washington DC for Arizona will end once you are completely unpacked and all settled in. You should leave transfer to professionals but you should also think about unpacking. It can be quite hard. Obviously, if you pack the right way and label everything it will be easier. Hiring locals can make everything much easier and quicker.

One thing you might not expect when leaving Washington DC for Arizona

Even if you are looking forward to this relocation you will feel homesick in the beginning. It’s just the way it is but soon enough you will feel at home here. We all feel a bit blue and start missing some things, places and obviously our old friends. You can stay in touch with them with some help from modern technology. Ultimately airplane tickets are not as costly as you think. You can visit them sometimes.

We just wanted you to prepare yourself for this because people don’t expect to feel nostalgic and they don’t understand where this feeling is coming from. It’s normal and it will go away once you are all settled in and start befriending your new neighbors.