How to simplify a move from Arizona to Florida

Even though Arizona is a great place to call home, there are still many reasons one would want to move to Florida. Florida has highly developed education and healthcare systems, many good job opportunities, amazing weather, plenty of entertainment options, lower cost of living, etc. Whether your reason for moving is one of these or something completely else, does not really matter. What matters is that you have to prepare for your move properly. Do not take this relocation lightly. It is something that will take up a lot of your time, energy, and money. And, if you do not prepare well, it will also take a lot of your nerves. But, do not worry – we are here to help you out. We prepared some tips and tricks on how to simplify your move from Arizona to Florida. So, if this is something that you need, just keep on reading.

Set a Moving Date and Budget

When moving from Arizona to Florida, many people focus on their home, job, family, etc., and they forget about the actual moving process. They remember it only after it is too late. And, that is when moving stresses start to appear. Thus, save yourself from those stresses and set your moving date and budget ahead of time. Set them as soon as you decide that you have to move! When it comes to the moving date, two months prior to the moving day would be ideal. And, went it comes to the moving budget, well, take a look at your financial situation. If you have a lot of money to spare, you can go all out on moving services. But, if you do not, you will have to figure out a way to DIY this move. So, set your moving date and budget and, then, plan your move accordingly.

A man organizing finances for his move from Arizona to Florida
If you want to simplify your move from Arizona to Florida, start by setting your date and budget ahead of time.

Find Your New Florida Home Before Moving

One of the things that will, without a doubt, simplify your move from Arizona to Florida, is finding your new home before you actually move. Just think about it – if you do not have a home waiting for you in Florida, you will have to live in a hotel and keep your items in storage until you find a place to live. Doing this will not only end up costing you a lot of your time, energy, and money, but it will also turn your life into a nightmare. Thus, if possible find a home before moving. Hire a real estate agent to help you find a home before you hire City Movers to help you relocate to Florida. But, make sure that that real estate agent is someone you can trust as well! After all, he or she will be handling your Florida home purchase while you are still in Arizona. 

Find Help for Your Move from Arizona to Florida

Okay, if you want to have a simple, fast, and stress-free move from Arizona to Florida, the best thing you can do is hire a good moving company. Professional movers are people who will come to your home with their own moving truck and moving supplies and tools, they will pack everything you own and load it into the moving, and they will make sure that all your belongings arrive safely at your new Florida address. However, it goes without saying that not everybody can afford to hire professional movers. So, if you are in that situation too, do not worry. You can move without their help as well. But, you cannot move all by yourself. You will need people to help you with heavy lifting, carrying bulky pieces of furniture, and loading the moving truck. So, call your friends and family to help you out. The more hands on deck the better.

Two women carrying moving boxes.
Moving is a group task. So, either hire or call people to help you out.

Declutter Before Packing

It does not matter whether you plan on hiring professional movers to help you move or you plan on doing everything by yourself, but it is of key importance that you declutter first. Yes, you will need to declutter everything you own – without exceptions! And, why is this important? Well, first and foremost, nobody needs a pile of stuff they do not use nor need. Secondly, by moving everything you own, you double your moving tasks (and expenses). So, do yourself and your wallet a favor, and declutter your household. Start by deciding what you absolutely can and cannot live without. What you cannot live without, go ahead and pack it. And, what you can live without – give it away, donate it, sell it, or throw it away. 

Do not clutter your home with unnecessary items. They only make your life difficult and your living space smaller. But, we understand that getting rid of some family heirlooms for example is very hard. So, if you have some items like that and if you do not want to clutter your new home with them, just leave items you don’t use in storage. Florida is full of good-quality and safe storage facilities, so this will not be a problem. 

a couple packing for relocation.
Always declutter your household before you pack it.

Gather Proper Packing Supplies

Last but certainly not least thing that will help you simplify your move from Arizona to Florida is gathering proper packing supplies. This is especially important if you are having a DIY kind of relocation. Yes, getting second-hand boxes and bins is cheaper, but trust us, these will break or tear apart and ruin half of your belongings. The only way to ensure your belongings arrive intact is to pack them using proper packing supplies. You can get these from your local movers, in a hardware store, or in a stationery shop. You will need the following: cardboard boxes, plastic bins, packing paper, plastic wrap, packing peanuts, duct tape, scissors, permanent marker (for labeling), and a dolly. Proper packing supplies will not only save your belongings, but they will also ensure faster packing. And who does not want that?