How to save money on your Arizona move? – 2020 edition

Relocations are one of the most stressful events in every family. Apart from the packing, hurry, risks, your job – there’s the financial aspect of the move that also causes headaches. As you get closer to the moving day, more and more payments come your way without you realizing you’re spending more than you previously planned. That’s why we gathered a list of tips on how to save money on your Arizona move in 2020 and never go over the budget.

Have a plan and stick to it

You’ve probably heard many times that it’s important to have a moving plan – and there’s a good reason behind this statement. Creating a detailed moving budget will help you spend only how much you actually need. If you don’t go according to the budget, you’ll end up spending more on things that are not really necessary. Unexpected costs come up without you realizing you’ve crossed the line. So, plan your moving budget well, require a precise moving estimate from your moving company, and avoid unnecessary costs as much as you can.

A person writing a plan.
Making a moving budget and collecting receipts will help you save more as you’ll not spend on unnecessary things.

Hire pros to help you – the smart and safe way

As you want to save money when moving, you have to avoid all the potential risks of spending money on surprising and unnecessary costs. That’s why hiring someone reliable to help you when moving is extremely important. The moving business is huge, therefore it’s easy to get in touch with moving scammers so you need to be very careful. Contact only recommended and trustworthy companies – as Master Moving Guide suggests. You’ll get exactly what you pay – professional moving services for a hassle-free relocation with a clear moving estimate and no hidden costs. 


Another tip to save money when moving is to get rid of all the unnecessary items in your home. Decluttering will help you reduce the moving costs, and if you sell some of the items, you can save even more!

A small house on a calculator
Lighter the home, lower the moving costs – downsize before packing to save more money when moving.

Packing supplies – buy the right amount or get them for free

One of the ways people spend more money than they should during moving is when getting packing materials. So, to save money on your Arizona move, make sure you create an inventory list of your items. This way, you’ll be able to see how many moving boxes and other supplies you’ll need, without spending more than you should.

How to get packing materials for free and save money on your Arizona move?

Another way to reduce your moving costs is to get packing supplies for free. Here are some ways to do it:

  • collect the boxes and other supplies in advance – save the boxes and packing protection when you buy certain items in the months before the move.
  • ask friends and family who recently moved if they have any leftovers
  • go to the local liquor store to find some free cardboard boxes use the items you already have in your house, like garbage bags, suitcases, smaller travel bags, gym bags, etc. Furthermore, old clothes and sheets are great for wrapping and protecting fragile items before putting them in boxes.

And finally, stay safe when trying to save money on your Arizona move. Avoid moving scams, getting hurt or damaging your items. All of these can bring you additional costs and make you pay a lot more than planned. The organization is the key to a successful and stress-free move, so take it slow, one ask at the time. Have a safe and affordable move!