How to prepare your RV for storage

Unfortunately, camping season can’t last forever. Once it’s over the gloom of winter takes over. This is when you have to realize that you have to prepare your RV for the off-season. Despite the winterization blues, there are a few things you have to take care of. To safeguard and protect your beloved camping rig you should prepare your RV for storage the best you can. Take every precaution in order to protect it well and keep it safe until spring.

Steps to take

To put your RV in storage properly here you can find a few steps and tips to go by. This is not the same as storing clothes or shoes so doing this correctly will help you out come new camping season. Your RV will be ready to go in no time and with minimal effort. So make sure you invest some time in preparing for the winter. Here is what you should do:

  • Empty out all of the cabinets
  • Vacuum and scrub
  • Service the plumbing
  • Protect the tires
  • Use a quality cover

Empty your RV

You spend a lot of time in the RV during the camping season. This is when it gets dirty. Food, soap, toothpaste medicines are all items that you usually leave behind. These can react in the cold during winter and dirty up or ruin your RV interior. So make sure to open every cupboard and lift every piece of furniture in your RV. Clean and throw everything that is not needed from it. This is especially important when food is concerned.

RV at night before putting your RV for storage
Camping is fun but you have to clean and prepare your RV for storage

Vacuum and scrub

Crumbs and pieces of food we inevitably leave behind as they can fall in every nook and cranny imaginable. Leftovers can get moldy and invite a lot of little critters in search of food to your precious RV. So make sure to invest some time and effort into cleaning while you prepare your RV for storage. Vacuum every part of the RV making sure to lift and clean every part possible. Tale special care about scrubbing the fridge to get rid of the smell and dirt. This will leave it clean and fresh for your next season.


Plumbing must be cleaned and drained from all of the fluids. These can freeze and cause damage to plastic containers and plumbing. Also if not cleaned properly your RV can get smelly. So make sure to clean and drain everything out also using a lot of o antifreeze to protect your pipes. If you can do it yourself you can pay professionals to service your RV and do everything necessary to protect it during the winter.


Storing the RV in an open space may be particularly harmful to your tires. They can get damaged by the sun and crack. When these fill with water it can cause additional damage when freezing. So make sure to cover and protect your tires from the elements.

Old broken down RV
Take care of your RV so it lasts longer

Buy a cover

A quality cover can protect your RV paint job. Although it may cause some problems with the rainwater buildup the cover is important. Protecting the RV with a quality cover is always a good idea. Do not let winter ruin your pride and joy. If you prepare your RV for storage properly you can preserve it and have it last for a very long time. Making it a focal point of your family trips and a part of your camping memories.