How to prepare electronics for storage in Florida

Since we live in a golden age of technology, it’s a given that most of us have a number or electronic devices to pack when moving. Phones, computers, video game systems, and so on, are just some of the high-value investments. And you want to make sure that those investments are not damaged when moving. In order to achieve that, you can put them in storage. It is especially true for the Sunshine State. Heat can make electronics go wild. So, here is how to prepare electronics for storage in Florida.

Backup, backup, backup

How many times has the following happened. You had some awesome video on your old hard drive. That video means precious memories to you. But now, all is lost. You haven’t stored it properly. It has been sitting somewhere for years without it being ever used. If you store your electronics in the right way, they could survive in storage for years. Electronics are not designed to sit unused and without power for years. That way, you can lose your valuable content. So, backup everything you have. You can store your data off-line or online. Or do both.

Clean your electronics properly

Use compressed air for sensitive devices

Moving electronics can be a lot like handling of fine art. It may seem dangerous even when you’re in the cleaning phase. A little bit of dirt and dust won’t destroy your electronics overnight. But, it may cause some issues if you leave them that way for a long time. Before you pack anything, wipe them with a piece of cloth. Just be careful not to damage them. For sensitive devices use compressed air and quick dry solvent.

Remove batteries

You shouldn’t mix batteries and storage. Batteries and storage simply don’t mix. Batteries are generally pretty bad at laying around. They tend to easily spoil. And living them inside a device can damage your electronics. Especially on Florida heat. They can even burst. Your devices may turn into a battery acid-made mess. So, remove all batteries from your electronics. Play safe.

Storing batteries on their own is fine, but we highly recommend recycling them or simply – throwing them away. Buy new ones. They’re not that expensive.

Find a good storage

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Always hire a company for moving and storing your devices

If you live in the Sunshine State, you need to prepare electronics for storage in Florida. You can always find the right storage solution in Miami, FL. It is very important that you find adequate storage for your devices, especially if you move to, out of, or around Florida.

Hire some of best Florida’s moving experts to move you across the country. Don’t store and move your devices on your own. Damage can be great. Do a wise thing and rent a storage facility.

Don’t use plastic on your devices

This is especially true when you store your devices in Florida. Heat can make plastic stick to your electronics. It will damage them, and some of them may even turn out to be unusable. Better use towels and similar stuff for your devices, as they won’t stick to them at all. Good luck with your moving endeavors!