How to plan California to Arizona relocation in less than a week

Leaving California for Arizona is not unusual. For Californians, Arizona is the second state where they move. If you are tired of living in one of the cities in California, how to organize your relocation? You assume that moving takes a lot of time, and it does – but there are some tips that may help you plan California to Arizona relocation in less than a week. Is it possible? – yes, but with the right guide, help, and a good organization.

Benefits of moving from CA to AZ

Why Arizona still draws Californians and what it has to offer? Researching a place to live is also a part of the moving process, not only packing and transporting items. What are the pros of living in Arizona and what you should know before moving there for good?

  • Costs of living¬† – low costs of living is one of the main reasons for Californians to move to Arizona. The median home price in Phoenix, for instance, is only is $280,000. Also, utilities, transportation, food, everything is cheaper in Arizona. Consumer prices are lower by 20%. Still, the average salary in LA and Phoenix is not very different, the average salary in Phoenix is $3,090 while in Los Angeles is $3,600.
  • Taxes – individual income tax rate is 4.54% in Arizona, which is about half of the price Californians pay. State sales and property taxes are also lower in Arizona.
  • Outdoor activities – landscape in Arizona offers residents many different activities they can try. The mountains and canyons are breathtaking. For California to Arizona relocation in less than a week, you will be tired, so after moving you will have a lot of options where and how to enjoy in Arizona.
  • Great education – if you are moving with a family, don’t worry about kids’ education because schools here are great. It has one of the largest public school systems. Besides the education system is great, it is very affordable too.
  • Transportation – traffic in Arizona is lighter than traffic in California, even in larger cities such as Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Tempe.
A girl leaving California with a suitcase.
Many Californians are leaving the state and moving to Arizona

Other things to know about Arizona

What else to know about this state in the USA?

  • For moving, summer is off-season because of the high temperatures.
  • Public transportation (mostly buses) is widely available and easy to navigate.
  • Temperatures in Arizona are very high and if you are coming from the northern part of California, you will need time to adjust to the heat.

Organize California to Arizona relocation in less than a week with these tips

Don’t panic when you realize you have only 7 days or less to organize a state-to-state relocation. You will need help getting there but you must stay calm. Don’t lose time, stay focused, and start with moving preparations now.

A calendar for California to Arizona relocation in less than a week.
Organize every day when moving and get up early to finish more tasks


Breath first and then plan! When people are moving on short notice, they can forget even the most important items to do or to pack. Moving is less than a week will be stressful, so you should create a list of all the things you need to finish. Download a moving checklist online and you won’t lose time on creating it. Also, there are so many moving apps that may help you a lot.

Decide how will you move – if you are going to hire a moving company, then search for last-minute offers and book a company ASAP. Also, search for a place to stay in Arizona after moving, you don’t have a lot of time. Renting a place or booking a hotel for a couple of days, it is up to you.

Gather packing supplies

7 days are not enough to search for free packing supplies. So, you have 2 options, to buy all the packing supplies or to use what you already have in the house. Garbage bags, shoeboxes, soft materials and newspapers for wrapping, etc. Be creative and calculate how many items you have to pack. For a one-bedroom apartment, 30 moving boxes are the average.

Pack items as they are

Don’t lose time on folding clothes, just put them in moving boxes while they are still on hangers. Don’t try to organize boxes and to label them. Think fast and decide what to take and what to leave. To get ready for the trip, also pack an essential moving box. This box should include all the items you are using every day and items that you will need the first night in a new home.¬†

Move less stuff

Packing takes the most time when moving, so to save your time, don’t move all your items. Keep in mind that you are moving on short notice and time is not on your side. Get rid of everything you can, now it is the perfect time to declutter. Items that no longer serve you any purpose donate, or throw them away. You won’t have time to organize a yard sale, unfortunately, so just leave the items.

Lake in AZ.
Arizona is a beautiful state to move to – explore it and move there ASAP

Ask for help

Probably, you won’t finish everything on time if you work alone. Ask your family for help – help to pack and to finish other moving-related tasks. Another option is to hire professional moving assistance and they will do everything much faster than you will. Choose between these two options and finish your relocation in less than a week.

Consider hiring professional cleaners

A house should be clean when moving out, also a new home should be clean before you unpack and furnish a new apartment in Arizona. After moving you will have time to do it by yourself (to clean your new home), but when moving out – you probably won’t. When you plan California to Arizona relocation in less than a week, think about cleaning a house before leaving and how to do it fast.