How to pack your kitchen appliances for the move?

Packing is one of the dullest chores when it comes to moving. It takes a lot of planning, a ton of additional equipment and you always feel like you’ve left something out. The worst part is knowing how to pack your valuables, fragile items, and anything that’s smaller. This is simply because smaller things are easier to misplace. Luckily, there are some great tips that’ll make packing easier. Here’s how to pack your kitchen appliances for the move.

Make a list

One of the most common moving mistakes is forgetting to organize as much as you can in advance. When it comes to packing kitchen appliances, this list doesn’t have to be too long or complicated. Simply create an inventory of what you own and then see to it that everything is packed accordingly.

Equipment for packing your kitchen appliances

Something that your movers might not tell you about is that you can do a large portion of moving chores on your own. A good example would be finding suitable equipment to pack your kitchen appliances in.

If you don’t have a lot of fragile kitchen appliances that you need to pack, that’s great. Either buy or borrow some boxes or containers and you’re good to go. Don’t forget to be ecologically responsible.

Four plastic recyclable containers that you can use to pack your kitchen appliances.
Packing your kitchen appliances in recyclable containers is really smart.

If you do, however, have some items that could easily break, there’s a solution for that as well. Just find some bubble pack and old newspapers and pad away. The more padding you use, the better the chances are that everything will remain intact.

Hire professionals

However, if you do decide that packing your kitchen appliances is either something you don’t have time for or is something that’ll be too complicated, let professionals handle your relocation process top to bottom. There’s nothing wrong with it. Just make sure to find movers that suit your needs.

Pack your kitchen appliances on a budget

When trying to pack your kitchen appliances on a budget, there are some tricks you can apply.

  • Get rid of kitchen appliances you’re not going to pack
    Removing junk from your kitchen will surely help with minimizing expenses during your move. This especially applies if you opt to sell some of them.
  • Use leftover materials as packing equipment
    Anything that you can see working when it comes to packing your kitchen appliances comes into play. Use your imagination.
  • Label
    Labeling the kitchen appliances that you’re packing doesn’t have to be anything special. All you need is a marker.
A bunch of boxes that you can use to pack your kitchen appliances.
Using some boxes that you already own to pack your kitchen appliances will save you some money.


Packing isn’t a homogenous task. This means that, when you’re trying to pack your kitchen appliances, some things can go wrong. You can either misplace them or break something. The most important thing to remember that stressing out is not an option. Simply take a deep breath and move on.