How to pack your closet properly?

You just started packing clothes, you might ask how to do it properly?  Don’t worry we have the answers that you need. If you pack your closet properly you can have many benefits like saving space and time. The aim of this article is to help you to sort and pack your belongings in the best way possible. We will show you how to pack your things without stress. After all, if you want to find your stuff easier your closet must be packed properly.

To pack your closet properly you need to empty it

You should begin everything by emptying out your closet. After this is done start cleaning the closet, from top to bottom. It might have been a long time since the closet was cleaned since it can be easily overlooked while cleaning. While your closet is drying up you need to start sorting your clothes. You can do this by making a few piles. You should make two different piles, the first pile is the “keep” pile, while the second one is the “don’t keep pile”. Packing things you don’t need anymore can be a big waste of time and space while packing and unpacking. Be sure to be thorough so you don’t have to go through all that stress. You can sell or donate the things you don’t need.

To pack your closet properly you shouldn’t forget about the clothes you are going to wear during your move. Make sure these clothes are cozy. Weather can change unexpectedly, you need to remember that when moving. Make sure you have the right clothes if there is a surprise rain or snow depending on the season. While moving to Florida you won’t need to worry about that, for more tips on moving to Florida visit Last part of this personal moving kit should be some towels, pajamas, underwear and other such items.


A bed room closet
To pack your closet properly you need to empty it

Keep pile

After getting rid of the clothes you don’t need and after making sure you have the clothes you need during your move should sort the already mentioned “keep pile”. If you are in a big hurry you can skip this part but we do not advise this. You will also be free from unnecessary stress caused by digging through things and searching for the stuff that you need. This part will make your unpacking much easier because you will know where to find the specific clothes that you need. When sorting the clothes you must arrange them by material, season, the size, and the need. Different materials like cotton, wool might need more care or space, while synthetic materials can be handled in any way you want to.

To pack your closet properly think about what clothes you need during your current season. This part will help you unpack the clothes you need right now first and keep the clothes you don’t need at the specific part of the year for the last. You do not want to be unpacking your winter clothes during the summer. The last thing about sorting your clothes is the size of the clothes. Smaller clothes can be efficiently packed in a single box while saving some space, be sure to label the boxes.

A pile of clothes, piles are important to pack your closet properly
Make two piles “keep pile” and “don’t keep pile”

Packing the drawers

You might think that emptying you drawers and moving the contents to boxes is smart, but it’s a waste of time. You can pack the whole drawers as they are. It is a little heavier than a box but it will take the same amount of space. To do this you will have to wrap them in some plastic. Once you make sure drawers are sealed you can move them efficiently. The main problem of emptying the drawers while you pack your closet is that you are going to move them anyway, no matter if they are empty or full. When you move them as they are you will save a lot of time and space making your move much easier.

Many diferent drawers

Packing the drawers as they are is the best way of packing them

Use the suitcases

You might think suitcases are just for traveling, well they are useful while moving too. Never pack them like the rest of your belongings. These are more containers for your belongings and will help you while you pack your closet. The rolling feature can be very useful for carrying the heavy items, and a good suitcase will be great protection for your clothes. Be sure to make a list of all the things you packed. To pack a suitcase you need to fill the bottom with heavier items like books or stacked jeans. While you fill up the suitcase you add the easier items at the top saving the space.

Separate shoes from clothes

Moving shoes with other clothes is not a good idea. The simple reason for this is that shoes might be dirty or might retain the unpleasant smell. If packed with the rest of your clothes they might make them dirty. Nobody wants to rewash all the clothes right after moving, it is a huge waste of your precious time. If you still have the shoe boxes it is great, just place them all in one huge box or move them separately. But in case you don’t have the shoe boxes, you will need more packing supplies like plastic bags and boxes. Pair these shoes up and place them in the plastic bags and put them in a big box.

Shoes that should be kept away from clothes
To keep your clothes clean keep them away from shoes

Wrap fragile items with your clothes

While you properly pack your closet you should look for as many ways to save space as possible. One of these ways is to wrap fragile items with your clothes. This kills two birds with one stone. Your fragile items will be safer and you will save money you would spend on the supplies you need for the fragile items. Remember it is very important for your items to stay in one piece while moving, the best way to do this is to choose the right storage facility before you move. For wrapping your fragile items in clothes, you should save some old clothes from the “don’t keep pile” to increase efficiency. You can use pants for long items or shirts for plates. The best part is you can use many layers.

Packing can be very stressful, especially pack your closet properly. We know it is hard but you should take a break to relieve stress. The more stressful you are the harder the packing, or anything else is. We wish that this article helped you and made you’re packing a little less time-consuming. So you have more time for your family and friends.