How to pack winter clothes for storage?

If you are about to pack your winter clothes for storage we have a few useful tips for you. We will be focusing solely on packing since that is the most boring part and yet the most difficult one. Finding a storage unit is pretty simple. You just do some research and Google will find you the best-rated storage unit near you. Luckily we live in a time when Google has an answer to all of our questions.

Vacuum bags to save space

Winter clothes can be very chunky. It also takes up a lot of space. You already know this since you are packing your winter clothes for storage currently since they can not all fit in your own home. Vacuum bags are perfect for winter clothes like puffy jackets, ski pants, and such. You just pack them, vacuum and they become flat and take up much less space. Don’t worry those bags will not ruin your clothes, they can actually protect them from any accidents like mold occurrence in a storage facility or such. Just make sure to wash all clothes before packing them in those vacuum bags.

woman in winter clothes
Winter clothes sure do look nice and sometimes they can even look elegant but often times it’s very chunky and takes up a lot of space.

Preserving clothes in storage

Here are a few steps you can take while packing your clothes for storage that will help them to stay preserved while you are not using them :

  • instead of cardboard boxes get plastic bins
  • wash everything before storing and make sure that it’s completely dry
  • while packing make an inventory
  • find those little scented cubes or lavender sachet that will keep the bugs out of your clothes
  • use packing apps to help you pack your winter clothes for storage

Packing apps

When the time to pack your clothes comes you will need some more advice and a helping hand. Packing apps can be just that. You will find a lot of useful tips, ideas, and much more information. Just head out to your app or play store (depending on your phone) and type packing apps. You will get plenty of hits and choose one that you like the most. Luckily most of them come free so you can download them for free.

woman using her phone
Nowadays you can get an app that will help you to pack your winter clothes for storage.

Hiring professional movers

Sometimes hiring professional movers to help you with packing is the only way to do this if you have way too many clothes to pack. They come to your home, pack everything carefully (usually with their own packing material) and that’s it. This is surely the easiest way to pack your winter clothes for storage if you are too busy and have other important stuff to deal with currently.