How to organize your move from Arizona to Washington DC in less than a week

It’s not very easy to organize a move from Arizona to Washington DC in a week or less. You will need some serious help and by help, we don’t mean friends. They will come in handy but for this kind of rush, you need professionals and dedication. You will need to work on this every day (all day) until your moving day. Worry not – it can be done. We know people who have done it in a day or two but that’s a little extreme right? Now let’s see where you can start.

Start preparing right now

As soon as you are certain that you are moving, start making preparations. You can start by finding some good packing tips. Be prepared for the packing process to take longer than you anticipated because it is frequently underestimated. We occasionally only have a week to get ready for a move because we procrastinate. The tasks we don’t enjoy doing are usually put off, but if you have less than a week, you need to get going and get ready right now.

A young woman surrounded with cardboard moving boxes because she is packing for a move from Arizona to Washington DC.
Start packing as soon as you decide to move.

Speedy decluttering before your move from Arizona to Washington DC

You don’t have time for details but you can set aside a few hours and get rid of the junk. Get rid of all the stuff that is broken, useless, etc. This is a good way to get an idea of how much stuff you have and how many moving supplies you will be needing. While you are getting rid of the excess items you can call professional movers and see how they can be of help. Making lists can help

Make a list of every item in the home, then decide which items will be relocated and which will be left behind. Prior to packing, go through your possessions and remove anything that is not worth carrying, particularly if you are downsizing. By doing this, you will save time, which in this situation is perhaps the most problematic issue, in addition to money. It seems useless to pack and unpack things you no longer need, doesn’t it? Now let’s see who can help you and how many packing materials you will be needing.

DIY relocation is not an option here

In order to help you move, locate a reliable moving company. A DIY move is not an option given the situation because it would take a lot more time and effort. Also, you are not relocating a few blocks away to a tiny studio apartment. It would be best if you had someone who is experienced in last-minute relocations like Excalibur Moving and Storage. Not all movers can handle this so when choosing the movers this needs to be your first question – can you move me in less than a week, I am in a rush.

A group of professional movers showing thumbs up.
Hiring professional movers is always an intelligent decision when moving in a hurry.

Packing supplies

When you determine the total weight of the items you are moving, you will have a clearer idea of the number of moving boxes as well as other packing materials you will require. Moving boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, box dividers, and such will be necessary. The good thing is that you don’t have to buy all that. If you hire movers to do all the packing for you, chances are they will bring their own packing material. That is great since you won’t have to be bothered with one more task so it will speed things up. When it comes to getting everything ready for a move that goes well, it is important to keep in mind that if you have the financial means to do so, hiring experienced movers may be extremely beneficial.

A little reminder

Get in touch with the company that provides your utilities so that you can set up service at your new location and have it terminated at your previous residence. Notify everyone who needs to know like a bank, post office, and any other providers about your new address. This will ensure that all your mail is delivered to your new residence as soon as possible after the move. In addition to that, make sure that your most recent utility bills are paid in full. Don’t forget to cancel your membership at the gym, as well as any magazine subscriptions or other similar services. We understand that those things are fairly easy to forget when moving in a hurry. Luckily you have us to remind you.

Don’t forget your moving day essentials

Put together some essentials for the next few days in an overnight bag and take them with you just in case. Additionally, there is a chance that you may stay in a different location during the relocation. That is another reason why you should pack a bag with the essentials. It should include all valuables, personal documents, wallet, phone, chargers, tablet, medications (in case you are using any), toiletries, spare clothes, wipes, and towels. This will make such a difference. It will make your travel more comfortable. It will also help you to have everything nearby once you start unpacking (once you arrive). If you want to speed things up local professionals can jump in and make sure everything is done quickly.

An open handbag and a variety of items in it.
Don’t forget to pack a moving essentials bag.

Your phone can actually help you with the move from Arizona to Washington DC

Seeing that you have to move from Arizona to Washington DC in less than a week you need to get help wherever you can. Luckily, your phone is already in your pocket. We often recommend that people download some moving and packing apps. We know that you are in a hurry but this will take a little of your time and you will get a lot of amazing moving tips. It’s worth it. The best of all is that those apps are mostly free. You can also download some meditation and sleeping apps to help you to relax. You will need to find some way to unwind. That’s why we are recommending those apps to help you.